The Summer's Biggest Manicure Trend Is "Fruit Bowl" Nails

The most recent nail trends on Instagram have had to do with nail color and nail shape. First, Selena Gomez proved that neon peach was the singular color of the summer. Then, "lipstick nails" became a thing (they're called that because they're shaped like a bullet of lipstick). Now, there's a certain category of nail art that's trending, and it's trending in a big way, especially since Gigi Hadid just took part.

We're coining the trend "fruit bowl nails." It's just like it sounds. Each nail is painted with an array of fruit—bananas, cherries, apples, oranges, lemon, kiwi, you name it. Seeing as August is historically one of the hottest months, and the one which kicks off the harvest season, it's quite fitting that fruit bowl nails are trending right now. After all, they're fresh, vibrant, and summery, just like the fruit they're inspired by. Keep scrolling to see all of our favorite iterations of fruit bowl nails.

Here's a picture of Gigi Hadid's most recent manicure, which was posted by her nail artist Mei Kawajiri. In the caption, Kawajiri revealed that Hadid chose the fruit art manicure ahead of her summer vacation.

What's so special about this fruit bowl manicure is the way the nail artist used an ultra shiny top coat, even leaving dollops of clear gel behind. It made each fruit design look juicy and realistic.

Nail artist Taryn Multack of @missladyfinger started her fruit bowl manicure by painting her nails with a shade of stark white. Then, she went on to hand paint each fruit design. To us, this screams summertime.

If we could name this manicure, we would call it "summertime disco." Each fruit is painted in a half-moon shape over the cuticle, while bright orange glitter is painted above it. It's pretty groovy, right?

You know we love a mismatched manicure, and this candied fruit version is no different. On one hand, we have frosty white glitter. On the other, we have fruit designs. Notice how the white glitter is painted over each fruit design to tie the whole manicure together.

If you consider yourself to be a minimalist instead of a maximalist, try this clean-cut design, which was created by @aliciatnails. "How do you feel about some fruity cuticles?" she asked in the caption.

If detailed, hand-painted nail designs aren't in your wheelhouse, we have some good news for you. One of our favorite LA-based nail salons, Olive & June, has a sheet of Fruit Salad Stickers ($8). Paint your nails, press on a sticker, and apply a top coat over it. It's that easy.

This combination of color-coordinated french tips and fruit stickers is simple, yet seriously show-stopping. If you keep your nails long and strong, we recommend going this route.

We like the way this manicure combines the neon color trend with the fruit nail art trend. It's pretty versatile, too. Choose your neon shade of choice, then paint whatever fruity designs strike your fancy on one accent nail.

There's even a fruit bowl manicure out there for the color-averse. Try sticking to one type of fruit, like @betinagoldstein does here, with these hand-painted papayas. It's simple and chic, yet still very much on-trend.

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