These 15 Palettes Are Like the Makeup Version of a Summer Vacation

Long days and warm temperatures strike us with a special kind of makeup inspiration. After all, it's hard not to take notice of (and try to emulate) vivid ombré sunsets, the cool sky and water, and the warm shimmery sand. That's why each summer, we're out with the old drab palettes that remind us of wind and snow and in with those that hold warm reds, oranges, and pinks. Suddenly we're collecting the boldest and brightest blues and greens. Our vanities become covered in sparkling beige and bronze neutrals. What can we say? It's a natural seasonal cycle for a beauty editor and one that we look forward to every year.

In 2018, though, we're especially excited about our summer makeup options. It seems like multiple brands, both drugstore and high-end, have somehow managed to distill a warm-weather vacation into a single palette. They're bright, cheerful, and unequivocally summery. So, without further ado, go forth and check out 15 makeup palettes we're hoarding for summer.