The 25 Best Summery Makeup Looks to Wear All Year Long

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Summer is the season to unleash all the color when it comes to makeup—there's just something about the warm weather and sunny breeze that really has us wanting to experiment with a bright eyeshadow or new blush. From flushed cheeks to fluorescent lids (and then some), there's no shortage of inspiration when it comes to summertime beauty looks, and we have the proof. Keep scrolling for a roundup of summery makeup looks you can absolutely wear all year long—you'll definitely have more than one favorite.

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Nude Attitude

Summer is the perfect season to let your freckles shine, this sunkissed nude makeup look is pinned at the top of our natural makeup inspiration board. Desperate for freckles but don't have any? You can re-create the most natural-looking faux freckles with this Freck Noir Original Freckle Pen ($28) and it can be your little secret.

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Clean and Radiant

Let your dewy skin do all the talking this summer. Soft eyes, radiant cheeks, and lightly stained lips are always a great idea when wanting to wear natural makeup and enhance your features at the same time. For a natural eyeshadow palette, try Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow Quadrant in shade "Wanderer" ($36).

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Neon Pop

Allow yourself room to play with color, and lots of it! This pop of neon purple-pink shadow on the lids not only brightens things up, but it's also truly fun to look at.

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The New 90's

Add a touch of 90's inspiration to your summery makeup look with matte lips and a touch of definitive lipliner. The orange hue paired with clean, glowing skin is a makeup look we'll most definitely have on repeat during the warm summer months. If you're searching for an orange lip color, try lilah b. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek in "b. daring" ($46).

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Pastel Dreams

What's better than one shade of pastel shadow? At least 4 shades of pastel eyeshadow. This whole look is a summer vibe we can't get enough of, not to mention the creativity showcased is quite impressive.

For more dramatic color payoff, try spritzing your eyeshadow brush with setting spray until it's damp (not drenched) before you dip it into your pigment of choice.

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Get Glowing

Gorgeous, glowing skin with slight hints of peach on the eyes and lips are an ideal pairing for summery makeup, we can't stop staring at how radiant this look is—it looks beautiful at any time of day or night and makes us want to experiment with monochromatic makeup looks more often.

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Iridescent Green Dream

Nothing glistens and gleams better in the sunlight than iridescent shadow and this green hue is stunning all on its own. Apply shadow liberally to lids and pair with soft lips and cheeks, the eyes really do have it, and the green is truly a unique shadow color to lead the way this summer.

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Glisten Here

Bright orange lids with a shimmering touch of glitter give a whole new meaning to golden hour. The way these colors and textures shine in the light showcases how it's always a great idea to mix and match bold hues and sparkle for something chic and radiant.

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Cheery and Bright

We're not mad about this touch of electric pink shadow, at all. A bright shadow color on the lids is sometimes all you need to make the right makeup statement. Accompanied by natural skin, pink does all the talking and is a coveted color choice.

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Color Contrast

Don't be afraid to mix and match color this summer season (and all year for that matter) the contrasting shadow tones show how you can experiment with bright colors, yet still make it wearable in public. Orange and yellow are beautiful summer-themed shadow colors to wear if you're looking for some help on where to start.

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Ray of Sunshine

Yellow eyeliner is everything, especially on deeper skin tones as it really pops and creates a stunning color contrast. Don't be afraid to attempt a double-liner look like the one pictured here, you can apply your black liquid liner to lids and follow up with accents of yellow for something modern and tasteful.

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Happy and Bright

While neon orange might be a color you haven't worn in the past, by all means, give it a whirl this summer season (and beyond) by applying it however you like to your lids. You can opt for a clean, thin line for just a tiny pop of color, or do something more creative if bold is what you're after.

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Ethereal Beauty

A fresh way to incorporate pink and glitter into your makeup look, these lids sparkle just enough to catch anyone's attention. Soft pink cheeks and glossy lips complement the more obvious eyes, the touch of lavender creates a whole color story suitable for summer. For the cheeks, try Tower 28 Beauty Beach Please Luminous Tinted Balm in shade 'Rush Hour' ($20).

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Effortless Glam

If feeling and looking glam is what you're after, this look surely checks off all the boxes for sophisticated, glowing makeup. Highlighted and bronze skin along with dramatic eyes and pinky-nude lips are a powerful combo for sultry, summery makeup.

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Teal Appeal

Spice up your life and liner with a bold color like teal for the summer in a funky, graphic design. Bold brows and nude lips compliment the liner, you can play it up or as down as you like depending on your comfort level.

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Dewy Bronze

It wouldn't be summer without bronzed and glowing skin, the contour and highlight here is everything we want our makeup to be all year round. Add a subtle liquid eyeliner to eyes for definition if you're in the mood for something extra.

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Just Peachy

Monochromatic makeup using peach tones is ideal for summer and other seasons, as it gives a healthy, flushed look to the skin and gets along well with any skin tone, as peach can be adjusted to work with all different kinds of skin. The result? Skin that glows all day no matter what comes your way. If you have a more fair complexion and want to add a tiny bit of color without going in the sun, try James Read Tan Sleep Mask Tan Face ($33) to accelerate that golden glow.

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Glossy Lids, Bold Lips

Welcome the summer season in with tangerine lipstick and glossy eyelids, this look is incredibly easy to replicate should you choose to do so. You can opt for whatever bold lipstick color you prefer (although this color is pretty great) and add a glossy textured product to the lids for maximum shine effect.

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All Things Rosy

A touch of rose can go a long way when planning out summery makeup looks, this subtle look adds a freshness to skin that can be worn any time of the year, not to mention the shade of lipstick is perfection all around. Imayla Beauty The One Hydrating Cream Lipstick in "Riyadh Rose" ($32) is suitable for a beautiful pout.

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Softly Sculpted

Softly sculpted and bronzed skin is everything we need for summer makeup, can we just have a moment to acknowledge the gorgeous cheekbones? Natural lips and brushed-up eyebrows compliment the star of the show: that gorgeous highlight. To help sculpt the skin, try Nudestix Nudies Bronze Sticks ($34) for added contour.

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Mad for Mauve

Mauve on the lids cheeks and lips here continues to prove why monochromatic makeup is always an excellent idea no matter the season. Dewy skin with touches of gorgeous mauve tones creates a summer makeup story worth repeating over and over again. Flower Beauty Bitten Lip Stain in "Tempt" ($10) is a gorgeous shade of mauve for lips.

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Soft Subtle Smoke

Take your summer makeup and elevate it with a soft, smoky eye and radiant skin. The amazing thing about this makeup is it's suitable for everyday wear yet gives that extra dose of chic when wanting to dress things up a bit.

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Blush Over Everything

Do not be afraid of blush, we repeat, do not be afraid of wearing colorful blush! Here we see how bright hues on the eyes and cheeks are an incredible way to showcase color, the touch of purple combined with hot pink really gets us excited for all the color combinations we could try.

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It's All in the Liner

What do you get when you pair absolutely radiant skin with a chic cat-eye? A look that's suitable to wear all year round that will turn heads everywhere you go. Nude and natural lips along with a pop of color on the cheeks bring it all together, we plan to have this makeup on repeat. Add a touch of gloss to the lips with Essence Cosmetics Juicy Bomb Lipgloss ($2) for a touch of extra shine.

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Purple Reign

Give us all the purple hues for summer, and give them to us now! These electric lids showcase the very best part about wearing color—it always looks incredible. Swipe your favorite shade on your eyes and finish with a few coats of volumizing mascara, such as Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara ($29).

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