Team Byrdie Shares Its Summer 2017 Beauty Routines

It wasn't until recently that I noticed how drastically my beauty routine has changed with the weather. Even as I write that sentence, I realize it sounds obvious—we all switch up our skincare and makeup to go along with the climate, right? Well, the thing is, I never have. It took a conversation in the office with a few other co-workers to realize this was new for a lot of us.

"I can't wear eyeliner anymore," our smokey eye–obsessed editorial director told me. "It's too hot." Granted, this is her first New York summer, and I'm sure that has something to do with it. Still, it got me thinking about our summer beauty routines and how they change. The textures become more blendable, we swap powder for cream and brushes for our fingers. It just feels easier that way.

Below, find our go-to summer beauty routines and where to shop our favorite products.