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Meet The Cast of The Summer I Turned Pretty—Your New Favorite Feel-Good Show

The stars of the new show share their summer must-haves.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is being called the feel-good show of the summer, and heaven knows we could all use a lot of it. Amazon Prime Video's latest coming-of-age drama follows Belly and brothers Conrad and Fisher through a summer love triangle. The show is based on the book by New York Times best-selling author Jenny Han has garnered a dedicated fanbase on Tiktok so far and has already been renewed for a second season.

Fans of the show gravitate to the beach-based drama thanks to its lighthearted and relatable storyline that includes love and laughter. With summer in full swing, we caught up with cast members Lola Tung (Belly), Christopher Briney (Conrad), and Sean Kaufman (Steven) to talk about their favorite SITP memories, summer bucket lists, and more. Read ahead for more.

Sean Kaufmann

seak kaufmann

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How are you most like your character and most different?

Steven and I both share many qualities I think are exhibited in an older brother. First, I am an older brother to my wonderful sister Aika. It has helped me connect to Steven in the sense of his snarkiness and protectiveness (often overprotectiveness) when it comes to Belly.

There is also a sense of wanting to fit in that I gathered from Steven that I could relate to. At Steven's age, I constantly wanted to be a part of the group or needed attention or approval from people I considered my friends. However, I think the ultimate difference between myself and Steven is the situations we allow ourselves to be in. Although I admire and respect Steven's braveness, whether it comes from a place of insecurity or not, I would never let myself end up in the situations Steven ends up in the show. I'm always much more of a stand-in-the-corner type of guy.

 What's your favorite on-set memory?

Two days come to mind: On our first day on set with Lola, Chris, Gavin, Rachel, Jackie, and myself, we filmed the scene in the first episode where my family drives up to the beach house for the first time this summer. I remember the entire day feeling like a dream come true. Everybody was amazing to work with, the atmosphere and environment were the ultimate welcoming package, and the actual filming was so much fun (we got to throw Lola in the pool).

The second memory has to be my absolute favorite, though. On the last day of shooting, we were doing the escort dance with myself and Gavin, and at one point, the cameras were not on us, so Gavin asked all the other people dancing if they could sit one round out. Everybody agreed, and Gavin and I shook our little booties, just the two of us for the last time all summer. I was probably tearing up the entire time I did it, and it felt like the perfect ending to the best summer of my life.

Best summer memory?

Going to Rockaway Beach with my best friend John and his friends was one of the best times of my life. We always found a private spot on the beach and had mindless fun for hours. You know that feeling, where everything seems like it's out of a movie? That was those nights with John at Rockaway.

What are your summer beauty must-haves?

Sunscreen. A million percent over, when I'm 65-years-old I want to look like I'm still 21. There's a gallon of water by my side at all times to keep away the wrinkles and dehydration. I also keep a good book around because the brain can be beautiful, right?

What's on your summer bucket list?

I am hitting the beach, playing volleyball and baseball. Playing video games with Chris every night and remembering that I'm young and just trying to have fun.

Tell us about your first summer crush.

I don't think I remember my first summer crush, but I do remember one girl. I will redact her name so she doesn't kill me if she sees this, but it was at Frost Valley YMCA camp in upstate New York, and I remember fawning over this girl all summer. I was always too scared to make something happen, so summer passed, and I never made a move. She probably never even knew I liked her, yet she was always on my mind. Man, crushes suck, especially when you don't do anything about them, like me.

What's your perfect summer day like?

I've lived in New York City my whole life, and there's nothing better than getting up early to watch the city start to breathe in the morning. After that, I'd probably go to Sheep's Meadow or the Great Lawn in Central Park and throw a baseball while there. Then, I'd finish the day walking around the city and ending up at a fast food place at night to eat.

Lola Tung

lola tung

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How are you most like your character and most different?

Belly and I share many characteristics: We are emotionally driven people who care deeply about our loved ones and feel things very strongly. She’s headstrong and determined, and I am as well. She wants to make her family and the people she loves proud and is learning to take risks. I think she is a little more outgoing, spontaneous, and maybe more impulsive than I am.  

What’s your favorite on-set memory?

There are so many, but celebrating my birthday on set on the second to last day of filming was lovely. It was a great day, and we filmed many fun scenes in amazing costumes. At the end of the day, everyone sang happy birthday to me, we ate cake, and I cried many happy tears. I felt very grateful to be there, surrounded by such wonderful people.  

Best summer memory?

One of my best summer memories was filming the show. It was a very special, unforgettable experience for which I’m grateful.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

I want to be more spontaneous and take more risks. I recently got my driver’s license, so I’d love to go on a road trip and visit a landmark or place I’ve never visited.

Tell us about your first summer crush.

I remember having many little crushes at camp when I was younger. Summer crushes were always exciting and thrilling because you never knew if you would see them again after the summer ended. You had to make the most of the time you had with them. 

Paint the picture for us: What’s your perfect summer day?

The best days are often the ones with no expectations or few plans (even though I usually like to plan things very far in advance). A perfect summer day for me would ideally be a fun day spent with my favorite people, and it would probably include some art, theater, music, and good food.

Christopher Briney

christopher briney

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How are you most like your character and most different?

Conrad can be quite the enigma, and it took me some time to find the things he and I have in common. We both put a lot of effort into caring for the ones we love. Whether it’s our friends, family, or whatever it may be—the safety of our loved ones is something we both cherish.

What’s your favorite on-set memory?

There are too many memories to be able to pick a favorite, but the first that comes to mind is one day we were shooting at the studio. Sean and I had some downtime between scenes, and there were these golf carts that the crew would use to move things around. He wanted to take one of them for a ride, and I give him full credit for making this happen, so we walked around until we found one nobody was using and just took it. We got almost five laps around the lot before getting in trouble.

Best summer memory?

It’s hard to say, but I would go to Fenway Park with my dad every year as a kid and catch a Red Sox game. I look back on those trips fondly. Mainly because my dad is a Yankees fan, I imagine taking your son to the enemy’s territory is a great sacrifice. 

What are your summer beauty must-haves?

I’ve been wearing SPF 30 recently and using the Hylunia face wash ($30) and moisturizer ($67). The makeup team gave it to me while we were shooting season one, and I love it. I have pretty dry skin, but it keeps me feeling nice and fresh. I also drink lots of water.

Tell us about your first summer crush.

Mia Sara in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, for sure. That movie consumed my childhood, and I fell for her. I was crushed when I realized it would never work between us—we’re too different, really—and she’s married.

Paint the picture for us: What’s your perfect summer day like?

I don’t think it gets much better than a lovely summer afternoon in Prospect Park with your friends, drinks, a frisbee, or something to throw around. Maybe bring some bread and cheese, make it a little Parisian picnic. Any excuse to play in the sun with my friends would do it for me, and I would have to end the day with a good movie.

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