7 Secrets to Keeping Your Hair Healthy This Summer

It’s one of the great ironies of life: We’re constantly trying to make our hair look like we’ve spent all day in the sun (see the recent "lived-in" hair color trend)—and yet, we want to avoid actually spending any time in the sun because doing so usually leaves our hair feeling distinctly straw-like. Since we’re sure as hell not going to put our forthcoming beach days on hold for the good of our hair (vitamin D—we need it), what’s a girl to do? Protect, heal, and style smartly, obviously.

Ahead, we’re sharing seven tips and tricks that will help keep your (carefully highlighted) strands in tip-top shape through beach, pool, and sun season. From a cold-water chlorine trick to a crucial part of your hair routine that’s missing, keep scrolling to see them all!