4 Easy Summer Hair Ideas to Try at Any Age

When you're thinking of ways to refresh your look for the summer, a new 'do is always a go-to option if you're seeking a bold change. But ever stop and catch yourself wondering, Wait, can I pull this off at my age? To all the twentysomethings (yes, even you), thirtysomethings, and fortysomethings who harp on this question, fret no more. When it comes to your hair, it's about time you pulled the strings. The number one rule is to have a happy, healthy mane. This means starting with the basics, like a trusty shampoo and conditioner, to help you achieve that gorgeous (and age-defying) hair renaissance you're after for the warm days ahead. 

Keep scrolling for four flattering hair ideas you can try this summer with Pantene Dry Defy and Fade Defy Expert Collections on your team. (No ID required.)