All the Summer Hair Inspiration You Need, Straight From Pinterest

Life is too short to wear your hair the same way every day—it’s a sacred truth of the universe. To help you kick-start a season of memorable hair, we gathered 30 inspirational hairstyles for every length from the best beauty boards on Pinterest. These aren't your average hairstyles, either—these are made for summer. Get ready to perfect those beachy waves. These easy, no-fuss hairstyles will get you through the heat. From simple braids to easy top buns, try a new style for your hair this season.

Keep scrolling for the only visual inspiration you need to have one stunning summer.

Long Hairstyles

Try a new take on a top knot by combining a slouchy bun with a fishtail braid.

This bun is elegantly piled high with a few strands wisping out the front. 

Add a casual vibe to the usual braids by tying them loose starting at the shoulder.

An easier alternative to braids, try a twist instead with two small sections of hair.

Combine a beachy wave with a loosely knotted bun using a small section of hair.

Keep cool by braiding hair in rows and tying into a bun.

Long hair can be a challenge during hot months. A loose topknot can be a casual way to keep hair away from your neck.

Nothing says summer like loose, flowing waves.

The perfect style for a summertime brunch, section off a segment of hair for a messy topknot, and leave the remaining locks loose and wavy.

Transform a standard high ponytail by fishtailing it tightly from top to bottom.

Medium Hairstyles

This Half Up Knot is simple—all you need are a few pins.

Embrace your curls this summer with a no-fuss half-up, half-down hairstyle.

This mini bun tied at the nape of the neck is so simple and chic.

A messy low bun is perfect for girls with naturally wavy texture.

This casual knot at the nape of the neck really comes together with a few loose strands pulled out around the hairline.

A high ponytail is a must for summer.

This minimal low ponytail looks effortless and polished.

You don't need waist-skimming hair to cultivate the perfect beach wave.

Dress up your style by adding a ribbon around a simple ponytail. Pull out the hair from the ribbon slightly to create a loose effect.

This wavy summer style is perfect to throw together on busy mornings.

Short Hairstyles

A simple barrette can add a little shine to your summer 'do.

Girls with short hair can try their own no-fuss take on a bun using a half-up style.

We're in love with this wavy pixie that's summer-ready.

These mini space buns are festival hair at its finest.

The half-up pony is a no-fuss summertime option for girls with bobs.

Embrace accessories this summer with a hair wrap—fit for any hair length.

A simple hair twist is so elegant and effortless.

A sleeker take on the half-up style.

Tie together two strands of hair, and flip the ponytail through for an easy way to create a twist.

This half-up bun sweeps up the majority of hair and has a chic, casual look.

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This post was originally published June 26, 2014.

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