It's Official: These Are the 7 Biggest Hair Color Trends for Summer 2018

The highly anticipated, albeit gradual, transition from the cold months of winter to the warm months of summer kind of makes us feel as if we've been reborn, surrounded by the sun and, if we're lucky, some form or body of water, reinvigorated with life. And to be honest, a fresh hair color usually gives us the same burst of energy, making us feel like new-and-improved versions of ourselves. Thus, it's only fitting that the start of summer and a cool new shade should go hand in hand.

We already told you all about the best new haircuts celebrity hairstylists are predicting for summer 2018, but what about color? To get to the bottom of it, we reached out to a handful of the best colorists in the business to glean their expert predictions. Spoiler: Covetable variations of blonde (plus a Duchess of Sussex–inspired hue) will be the name of the game. Ready to see which summer hair colors will be everywhere this season? Keep scrolling for the seven sizzling shades we've already saved to our notes app.