Summer Fridays Just Launched an Exfoliating Mask Made for Instagram

Considering Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland created their respective careers via the internet, it isn't shocking to see the widespread success of their skincare brand, Summer Fridays, a line that's rise can be attributed in large part to the snowball effect of top-notch social media marketing. (Kim Kardashian has even endorsed the brand before her 126 million Instagram followers.) What's fascinating, though, is that as of today, the line only boasts three SKUs. The inaugural launch of Jet Lag Mask, a hydrating cream that soaks into the skin, was later followed with Overtime Mask, an exfoliating blend of pumpkin enzymes and apricot seed powder. But the brand's third launch isn't branded around life's stressors (travel exhaustion and working long hours) and instead focuses on the luxury of downtime, a much-needed reprieve in today's climate. Meet R+R Mask