Our Big, Badass Summer Fragrance Guide for Every Personality


Isabella Behravan

How serious is my fragrance addiction? Let's consider the evidence: We're exactly a week past the summer solstice, and I've already cycled through no less than four perfumes. In my defense, the change in seasons always inspires me to rotate a new scent "wardrobe"—when the mercury rises, I pull my go-to warm weather fragrances out of the depths of my closet along with my swimsuits and favorite denim cutoffs. And is it really my fault that in addition to my old standbys, there has been a plethora of stellar new perfume launches lately? (My vanity is very crowded these days.)

But the upside to my fragrance polygamy is that with the help of my colleagues, I've been able to effectively test and rank dozens of the season's best offerings. Narrowing them down wasn't easy, but we ultimately landed on a handful of stellar options. No matter your preference or personality, there's a scent here for you—keep scrolling to find it.