3 Rad Summer Braid Ideas From Free People's Hairstylist

If your go-to loose side braid or fishtail has been feeling a bit boring, allow us to spice up your (braid) life. Free People is giving us an exclusive sneak peek at its August magalog, The Great Escape, and let’s just say this: Your braid game is about to get way, way upped. Hairstylist Amy Farid from Suite Caroline Salon is responsible for the mind-blowing braids you’re about to feast your eyes on, and she indulged our hair obsession by breaking down her techniques and sharing some of her expert tips. “It’s easier to braid dirty hair,” she shares. “It’s awesome if you don’t have time to wash your hair—just spray in some dry shampoo and start braiding away!”

You don’t need to tell us twice. Now, where are our bobby pins…

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