10 Summer Body Products We Use to Look Better Naked

Summertime means plenty of opportunities for your skin to take center stage. But if we don't take the best care of our skin in the months leading up, we'll have a lot of repairing to do. This means remedying dryness, exfoliating away dead skin cells, applying ample sun protection (a constant must), and perhaps faking a bronze glow (which, for those of us with fair skin, is the safest alternative to being kissed by the actual sun). Thankfully, these are all relatively quick fixes that can be achieved with all-star products, many of which Team Byrdie has cemented into our daily rotations. In fact, when I asked the team to share their top picks, it was hard for them to narrow down their favorites.

Below, we share the body products that give our skin a rich glow and make us feel even better naked.

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