15 Blue Nail Ideas That Will Transport You Somewhere Tropical

Toes in the sand, spritz in hand.

A turquoise blue manicure


If one hue had to be named The Official Color of Summer, there'd be a compelling case for crowning blue the winner. It is, after all, the shade of oceans, pools, and clear skies. Sure, yellow and orange are hot—but blue is just so darn cool.

So, naturally, we had to round up 15 of the most beautiful summery blue manicures that evoke playing in the sand or exploring deep lagoons (even when going on an actual vacation isn't in your near future). Whether you like to keep it simple with a solid color or play it up with a design, these nail artists have you covered.

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Blue French Tips

French manicure with Amalfi-blue tips


We love these gorgeous blue French tips complimented by a thin gold accent line created by The Bawan Sisters. As for the gold jewelry and blue stones? Fabulous. We'll be coordinating our jewelry and nails from here on out, tyvm.

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Mix and Match

Azure blue nails with accent French tips


Nail artist Aneta Ujwary takes the Amalfi blue trend to new levels with the mix-and-match patterns and finishes on these nails. Two flawlessly glossy solid blue nails are complemented by two matte French blue tips with a cute and subtle white heart design.

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Fine Florals

White nails with a blue porcelain design


We can't stop staring at this beautiful set by celebrity nail artist Pria B. The intricacies of the design are incredible—the painterly florals resemble the most luxurious porcelain you've ever seen. Add these to the inspo board for your next tea party.

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Simple & Dainty

Glossy neutral nails with blue floral designs


Betina Goldstein is the queen of nails online and off, so it's no surprise that this perfectly precise nail art belongs to her. Delicate and dainty, these nails are subtle yet intricate and will elevate any look. With a sheer neutral polish base, the design pops that much more. We sense a new trend coming.

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Ocean Blue

Manicure featuring an ocean design


When we say ocean blue nails, we mean it. Celebrity nail artist Imarni Nails quite literally brings the ocean to her client's fingertips with this gorgeous mani, which combines multiple blues and a marbling effect. The subtle white balances the blue and gives the feel of foam in the water, just like you'd see in real life.

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Ombré Blue Blend

Amalfi Blue Nails


Why choose one blue when you can choose five? These gorgeous matte blues, painted by artist Aneta Ujwary, make for the perfect gradient look.

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Swirly Shades of Blue

A swirly nail design featuring shades of blue


If swirls and swoops are your thing, these are the nails for you. This simple yet chic design features fun pops of color without being too over the top and can be dressed up or down. Artist Keshia opted for a nude base that lets the blues do the talking.

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Cyan Dreams

A cloudy, cyan blue manicure


These cyan-blue nails will make you want to take a dip in the pool pronto. The marble details crafted by Chelsea King LeBouton are effortlessly cool for the summer.

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Turquoise Tips

Close up of a turquoise manicure


Sometimes, when you have the perfect blue, nothing else is necessary. This dreamy turquoise is Transcend the Trend ($9) from Essie and was flawlessly applied by creator @lolo.nailedit.

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Liquid Luxury

A blue manicure with dew drop details


Forget water-painted designs: These blue nails are topped with gel droplets that resemble actual water. Celebrity nail artist Soji Nails is known for these kinds of bold, funky, 3D nail art looks.

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Royal Claws

Long, almond-shaped nails in a royal blue


Royal blue never goes out of style, and nail artist Charlyne is here to prove it. The matte finish gives these stiletto nails some added flare.

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Pattern Dreams

A set of mix-and-match nails in various shades of blue and green


This mix-and-match set created by Canishiea J. Sams uses six different blues and demonstrates true artistry.

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Flaming Hot

Amalfi Blue Nails


Who says flames have to be orange and yellow? This design by Keshia is spunky and playful in a cool color palette of blues and greens.

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Make A Splash

Amalfi Blue Nails


This pool water-inspired French manicure by @nuka.nails would be gorgeous even without the clear gel water droplets, but the 3D accents elevate the final look

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Under The Sea

Amalfi Blue Nails


Aquatic blues unite in this ocean-inspired manicure by nail artist Sarah Thompson. The details are drool-worthy, from the impeccably captured fish scales to the marbled ocean water. It's the perfect getaway manicure for someone who loves a design-heavy look.

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