Summer 2023's Biggest Nail Trends Include Lavender Chrome and the Fancy French

The pros give us the rundown.

Lavender chrome summer nails


While the fashionistas of the world dust off their miniskirts and strappy sandals, us beauty lovers are plotting our nail ideas for the upcoming season. Summer is when we tend to get more creative and playful with our manicures, which means the more inspo you can find the better. So it only felt right to turn to the experts to see what they predict will be summer 2023's biggest nail trends.

Last year, the trends seemed to focus more on the bolder, more neon colors, with hot pink being one of the colors of Summer 2022,” says Deborah Lippmann, brand founder and celebrity manicurist. “I think for this summer, we will see more of a shift into the your nails but better look.” This comes as no surprise with popular trends such as milky manis and glazed nails continuing to dominate both on and off the red carpet.

However, Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and celebrity nail artist, believes that no matter what the celebrities are doing you should find what speaks to your own unique style. “There are no rules when it comes to what colors or designs to do on your nails,” she says. “It’s all about what each person loves and makes you feel your best.”

Below, Lippmann and Hanna break down the seven nail trends they predict will be everywhere for summer 2023.

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Pastel Polish

Pastel nails


Some colors are just seasonal classics, and pastels fall into that category. “The summer is the best time for pastels. It's the best alternative to nudes and the classic red, in my opinion. The soft, light colors are very refreshing,” says Lippmann. Similarly, Hanna notes that trending manicures like Polly Pocket and Barbie nails fall into the pastel family.

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Your Nails But Better

Your nails but better manicure


“I think there is an elegance to having a natural nail look,” says Lippmann. “Subtle nails are becoming more 'on-trend' especially with the continuing clean girl aesthetic that has taken the space by storm in recent months.” She notes that the milky nail trend can also fall under this umbrella and suggests using a shade such as Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Color ($20) in Like A Virgin to achieve that natural milky look.

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3D Nails

3D Nail Art


Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and Rhianna regularly wear nail art that gets multi-dimensional—and soon, so will you. “3D nails will continue to be popular throughout the summer, especially with all the innovation in the builder gel space,” says Hanna. She predicts this type of accent might even make its way into pedicures as the weather heats up.

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Glazed Brights

Hailey Bieber glazed bright nails


“What is great about the glazed nail trend is that while it gained its popularity through a neutral glaze, it can be added to just about any manicure for that added shimmer,” says Lippmann. “So whether you want a bright pink or a subtle pink, anyone can take part in this trend.”

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Fancy French

Fancy French manicure


We’ve all welcomed the return of the French manicure, but according to Lippmann, expect to see a rise in colorful interpretations of the classic style. “The options are limitless from what color the base coat is, to what color the tip is,” she notes. “I have already seen some combinations of colorful french tips with added designs, and I think we will see more of the pastel or even floral takes on the french manicure this season.”

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Blush Nails

Blush nails


Korean blush nails gained popularity in the US last fall, and according to Hanna the style is having a resurgence just in time for summer. Think of the trend as a fresh take on a sheer ombre pink—the color is concentrated in the center of the nail to give that blushing effect.

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Almond Tips

Kerry Washington almond-shaped nails


An almond-shaped nail is a long oval shape with a soft point. It's very popular among those who choose to get extensions or tips since it pairs perfectly with nail art, but can also be achieved if your natural length is long enough. “I think it's very European and chic, and this is the nail shape I see being requested the most right now,” says Lippmann. Think of this as a slightly elevated version of your typical rounded shape.

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Lavender Shades

Lavender chrome nails


There are summer shades and then there are signature summer shades. Both experts agree that lavender is going to be the color to take over our feeds this year. “People have added lavender to their neutrals list for the season and I think many will be loving a lavender manicure, and even adding designs or a chrome finish to elevate the look,” says Lippmann. Hanna also suggests easing into the shade with a soft ombre design.

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