Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Smudged Liner, Coral Blush, and Extra-Glossy Lips

We asked celebrity makeup artists for their predictions.

Hailey Bieber wearing blue eyeliner and overlined lips

Hailey Bieber

It's only June, but makeup artists are already predicting the best and (literally) brightest summer 2022 makeup trends. This season, it's all about low-effort, high-impact makeup looks. Think: messy eyeliner, tinted moisturizers, and high-shine lips. TL;DR: If your finished look gives off a just-strolled-off-the-beach vibe, congratulations, it's officially in.

According to the experts, people are saying goodbye to heavier formulas and matte finishes this summer, opting instead for glowy looks that tend to fit squarely in the no-makeup makeup category. The good news? This means that summer 2022 makeup trends are very hot-weather and amateur-friendly. With a more unfinished look, you don't have to have the most practiced hand—and you definitely don't need to stress about the heat and humidity melting your foundation away. Not to mention, you're probably more inclined to reapply sunscreen every two hours when you know it won't mess up your contour.

Of course, the classic summer beauty trends are also resurfacing this season. Flushed cheeks, bronzy glow, and bright pops of color are all coming back in the most low-key, playful ways possible. In other words, these trends perfectly match the more relaxed vibe of summer.

Read on for the latest summer beauty trends, according to makeup artists.

Meet the Expert

Kate Synnott is a celebrity makeup artist and the Beauty Creative Director of ROEN.

Alexis Oakley is a celebrity makeup artist with clients like Kris Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton.

Ashley Rebecca is a New York City-based makeup artist. Her experience includes editorial, red carpet, and advertising.

Kenyata Gant is a makeup artist and the founder of Pink Lipps Cosmetics.

Tobi Henney is a celebrity makeup artist. Her clients include Barbara Palvin, Ashley Graham, and Olivia Culpo.

Pops of Color

According to Kate Synnott, celebrity makeup artist and Beauty Creative Director of ROEN, bright pops of color are in this summer. She tells us, "The hot weather can make your makeup melt, so if you want to add a statement pop of color to your look without having to use a ton of makeup on, I love using a bright-colored eyeliner, eyeshadow, or lippy!"

She's not the only one who sees this trend coming back in a major way. According to celebrity makeup artist Alexis Oakley, "Simple pops of color on the eyes" will be popular this summer. "The perfect example of this would be Hailey Bieber’s Coachella makeup," she added.

Nude, Glossy Lips

This summer, sticking to a natural, extra shiny lip look is on-trend. "Nude lips topped with lip gloss will be big for summer makeup trends," makeup artist Ashley Rebecca says. And no, this doesn't mean you have to give up your overlining habit. She adds, "You can bump up the shape of your lips by lining with a lip liner slightly above your natural lip shape to make them appear fuller."

Want a more retro take on this trend? Makeup artist and founder of Pink Lipps Cosmetics Kenyata Gant suggests trying a "90’s dark brown lip liner with clear gloss."

Cream Blush

Faux sunburn blush is still trending this summer. And according to Tobi Henney, a cream cheek flush is one of the best ways to achieve "the perfect summer sun-kissed glow." She adds, "There are so many cute hues of pinks and peaches that can be tapped onto the cheeks."

Ashley Rebecca also predicts that people will turn to cream blush to get that naturally flushed look. "Cream blush is going to be big, and this summer, we will see cheeks popping all over the place in gorgeous hues."

If you're wanting to switch up your blush routine, try swapping in a warm, coral-hued product. "Pink blush has been super in the last few months, but I think coral blush is going to become more popular for summer," Oakley predicts.

Lived-In Eyeliner

Extra-precise cat eyes and razor-sharp wings had their moment, but a messier eye look is in this summer. According to Henney, smudged eyeliner is trending. If you want to try out this look (without just rubbing your eyes until everything's blurry), she recommends "using a kohl liner to outline the top and bottom lash line for a sultry eye look." Then, smudge it out with the #2 Makeup Brush from Trademark Beauty Essential Makeup Brush Collection ($69) or a Q-tip.

The Clean Makeup Aesthetic

"No makeup-makeup still reigns supreme in warm weather, and right now faux freckles are trending," Ashley Rebecca says. And yes, this trend is related to the clean girl makeup aesthetic. Synnott explains, "It's all about enhancing your natural features while keeping the skin super hydrated, healthy, and glowing."

To nail this look, skip the full-coverage foundation. "Instead of wearing a full base this summer, try switching your foundation to a tinted moisturizer or just wear concealer where needed," Henney says.

Once that's done, remember to keep the rest of your makeup light. Synott adds, "I would go in with a clear brow gel to fluff up the brows, a little matte nude tone eye shadow buffed onto the lids, and cream blush for cheeks and lips." To finish it off, Ashley Rebecca recommends an SPF setting spray, anything "that leaves skin with a dewy finish and adds sun protection."

Bronzy Glow

A bronzy, summertime glow is always a good go-to. And according to Synnott, this summer is no different. But, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to pack on the bronzer or break out your favorite faux tan, though; choosing a glow-friendly foundation can go a long way.

"I think glowy and light coverage foundation will definitely have its moment," Oakley says. "I love to achieve this look by applying a glowy base first like Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer ($35)."

Under-Eye Eyeshadow

According to makeup experts, the under-eye eyeshadow trend is just getting started. Prism eyes, a more colorful take on under-eye concealer, might be the most fun makeup trend this summer, and it's definitely the most eye-catching. The premise is simple—just blend different colored eyeshadows under the eye—so it may take some practice to perfect. The good news is there are plenty of TikToks dedicated to teaching you exactly how to nail it.

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