This Butterfly Pea Flower Deodorant Changed My Whole Morning—And It Will Change Yours Too

Meet your new self care staple.

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If there’s anything the past year has taught me, it’s the joy of having a morning routine. It establishes a necessary boundary between work and life. And even though I am by no means a “morning person,” a few early moments of self-care begin my day on a positive note and set me up to take on whatever comes my way.

I’m often tempted to check my Slack (and email and texts) for any work updates immediately after I wake up. But, after a few weeks of living with that chaos, I can tell you personally that it’s unsustainable. So when I heard about Summary’s new line of essentials—described as “self-care simplified”—I was immediately on board. After all, I’m always looking for easy ways to level up my mornings. Ahead, I break down why I start my day with Summary’s Butterfly Pea Flower Deodorant and how I use other must-haves from the new line.

Summary’s Butterfly Pea Flower Deodorant ($18) is a plant-powered formula free of aluminum​, baking soda​, talc​, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colorants, and synthetic fragrance. The brand describes this all-natural deodorant (which is also Byrdie clean) as “powered by purple.” Flower and plant-based ingredients fight odor-causing bacteria, and the white willow bark extract also smooths and protects to keep your underarm skin happy.

Summary Butterfly Pea Flower Deodorant

BEST FOR: Underarms

PRICE: $18

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested


Butterfly Pea Flower — protects with antioxidants

Witch Hazel Water — tones & purifies

Bamboo Powder — absorbs sweat & odor

White Willow Bark Extract — calms & soothes

100% natural fragrance notes of lemon, ginger & bergamot

Why I Love It

I like to wake up at my own pace, and Summary’s Butterfly Pea Flower Deodorant ($18)—which has a heavenly, all-natural scent—dispels any early morning crankiness. Combined with its vegan formula (which boasts key ingredients like witch hazel water, bamboo powder, and white willow bark extract), Summary’s hero product is my first moment of “me” time during the day. 

During morning workouts, Summary’s Butterfly Pea Flower formula gets the job done. I know I’ll stay fresh, thanks to its toning, sweat-absorbing, and skin-calming properties. It’s the only natural deodorant I’ve found that lasts through a three-mile run in August. And that’s saying something. 

Summary products


How I Use the Collection

Lately, I’ve been following up my post-run shower with Summary’s Reset Body Mist ($18) for a quick body refresh. I’m often a little heated from my workout, and this spray, which contains rose flower and lotus root waters, cleanses and tones my skin. Thanks to ingredients like salicylic acid and witch hazel, it also keeps my chest, shoulders, and back clear of exercise-induced blemishes.

If I’ve had a challenging workout (or just got ambitious with a set of push-ups after my run), I take a few minutes in the afternoon to apply Summary’s Cool Down Muscle Gel ($22). Think of it as a massage in a bottle. It’s quick to relieve any soreness while also releasing tension and stress. After a few hours at my computer, the ball applicator and gel formula feel downright luxurious in the middle of the day.

The Bottom Line

After all, “me” time doesn’t always have to look like a luxurious soak or luxe candle. Summary’s simple and effective new line helps me start the day right (even when waking up is a struggle). As an avowed night person, it took me years to realize that self-care isn’t always sleeping in—it’s starting smart. Finding products that make my mornings joyful wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. And that’s why I consider a morning ritual the ultimate form of self-care.