8 Crazy-Effective Sulfur Acne Treatments

As any acne sufferer knows well, there are so many products on the market with breakout-taming claims that it's hard to know which products stand a chance and which should be skipped. And if you've tried formula after formula to no avail, we might just have your new solution: sulfur acne treatments.

"Sulfur is a keratolytic, which means it works by softening and thinning the epidermis to prevent clogged pores," explains Arielle Kauvar, MD, of New York Laser & Skincare. "It also reduces the growth of the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria and the blockage of pores." Translation: Oily and acne-prone skin types, take note because sulfur might be the zit-fighting and oil-zapping ingredient you’ve been searching for. 

While Kauvar explains that sulfur alone is less effective than more common ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it’s typically combined with impressive co-hosts (like resorcinol and sodium sulfacetamide) that pack products with a powerful punch. 

But if even glancing at the word sulfur has you already sensing the smell of rotten eggs, don't worry—most sulfur acne treatments are loaded with masking odors that overbear the scent. Still, Kauvar does suggest incorporating sulfur treatments into your evening skin care routine, in order to minimize any lingering scents.

Ahead, we rounded up eight sulfur acne treatments to try immediately, including heavy-duty masks, spot treatments, cleansers, and more. 

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