True Life: I'm Now Addicted to Sugar (as a Hair Removal Technique)

So here's the thing. In a perfect world, I would traipse around with immaculately hairless legs, underarms, and yes, everything in between, on a consistent, 24-7 basis. To each her own, but it's my personal preference to feel baby-bottom smooth from little toe to upper lip, and I find it rather annoying to be anything but. However, here's the rub: The mere thought of waxing makes me break out in hives, and if there were an award for World's Worst Shaver, it would inarguably go to moi (ask my friends, I have the prickly knees to prove it).  Suffice to say, my hairless aspirations and I have found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads over the years, and I've ultimately settled for haphazard shave job after haphazard shave job—le sigh.

Lately, though, I've been increasingly inclined to find a solution, preferably an all-natural one at that. Enter sugaring: a natural hair-removal technique only involving sugar, lemon, and water. And although the process has roots in an ancient Egyptian beauty ritual, sugaring hair removal still manages to fly under the radar as a comparable, and perhaps superior, alternative to waxing, shaving, and lasering. So, after doing my research, asking around, and listening to plenty of positive (and negative) experiences, I decided to give it a try.

Keep reading to find out how my first-ever appointment went and the most important takeaways about sugaring hair removal.