The Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Kit Review

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From waxing to threading and everything in between, there are countless hair removing techniques. Sugar Me Smooth's Full Body Hair Removal System is an at-home sugaring hair removal kit that I recently tried out. Included in the kit is everything for both body and face hair removal. While it takes a bit of time to adjust to the approach and technique, the kit does remove hair once you perfect each step of the process.


  • Leaves skin soft
  • Can be applied twice in a row to get missed hair
  • All natural


  • Very difficult to get the technique down
  • Only a few uses out of body jar
  • Can be painful when applying the product

Bottom Line

Sugar Me Smooth's Complete Body Hair Removal System is great once you get the hang of it, but terrible the first few times of use.

Full Body Hair Removal System

Best for: All skin types, except coarse beards

Uses: Hair removal using sugaring paste

Potential allergens: None

Star Rating: 3/5

Active ingredients: Body sugar, face sugar, aloe vera

Potential allergens: None

Clean?: Yes

Price: $59

About the brand: Sugar Me Smooth is a family-owned and operated business providing sugaring hair removal kits for an at-home hair removal process.

body hair removal system
Sugar Me Smooth Full Body Hair Removal System $68.00

I have never actually sugared myself using the paste, so I was excited. I first watched the included DVD and set everything up. I opened the body sugar and decided I was going to try my arms first.

The Feel

The sugar was a little hard and very difficult to get out of the jar. Did I mention the included applicator for the body in the shape of a credit card was very flimsy? Okay, it was, but on I went. I smoothed the sugar on with a bit of trouble. It didn't want to adhere to my hair but when it finally started to stay, it felt like my hair was being ripped out very slowly. Then after it was on, I flicked the sugar off and with it came my hair. After a few times, I got the hang of it and I was soon free of arm hair. My skin felt soft and smooth and actually hydrated. 

The Ingredients

The Complete Body Hair Removal System consists of a prepping powder, body sugar, face sugar, and soothing solution. The body sugar is made with sucrose, fructose, water, and lemon juice, while the face sugar is made with the same ingredients plus licorice root. The prepping powder––made of bentonite clay––cleans the skin, wiping away oil and sweat before the sugaring process begins. After sugaring, the soothing solution (aloe vera, vitamin E, orange essential oil) should be applied to calm and nourish the skin.

The Results

I have never actually sugared myself using the paste, so I was excited. I first watched the included DVD and set everything up. I opened the body sugar and decided I was going to try my arms first.

The sugaring paste is slowly applied in the opposite direction of hair growth three times, and then removed in the direction of hair growth with your hands using a fast flicking motion while holding the skin taut. Generally, sugaring paste is applied with hands, unlike sugaring gel and waxes that use a stick or spatula-like applicator. However, with this kit, they give you reusable applicators in the shape of a credit card.

A simple back waxing was very easy and left little hair behind. The nice thing about sugar is you can go over the same areas, unlike waxing. I still couldn't get the stubborn hair out, but there were just a few, so tweezing a couple wasn't bad. The Soothing Solution with an orange unisex scent is made to calm skin after removing hair seemed to work very well. It was oily at first, but after rubbing it in, the skin was left feeling smooth.

The nice thing about sugar is you can go over the same areas, unlike waxing.

The ultimate test, though, was to have a complete novice try the product. I handed the kit over to someone who has never even waxed themselves before, let alone has tried the more difficult sugaring paste. Two weeks passed and I received the kit back with a verbal review of sorts. Samantha, the guinea pig, decided that after trying it for a week and a half, she would stick to having someone do it for her.

Samantha had a very difficult time keeping the temperature of the wax just right, couldn't spread it easily, and removing the hair was just as hard for her. She said she had a huge mess of the product that had gotten everywhere. She just couldn't get the hang of it and said she wouldn't purchase the kit because it was frustrating.

The temperature, which is warmed up by your hands has to be just right and it can be very messy. The good thing is that it does clean up with warm water very easily, unlike wax.

The Value

I didn't notice a difference in the body sugar and the face sugar. It felt and looked exactly the same. The ingredients were the same as well, except for the licorice root included in the face sugar. The only difference I noticed was the size (the body jar is larger). Both the body and face jars have enough product for a couple uses, which is necessary since it will take multiple attempts to master the technique. It costs 70 dollars for the full kit, and you get enough product for a few uses, making it a really cost effective way to wax.

Similar Products: You have options

Gigi At Home Beginner Waxing Kit: If you're new to at-home hair removal techniques, this $50 option may be a bit easier. While it is waxing as opposed to sugaring, it includes a wax warmer––making the process simpler.

Sugaring LA Home Sugaring Kit: At $40, this at home kit comes with everything you need to sugar at home. It includes sugaring paste, 5 biodegradable applicator sticks, and 5 resusable cotton strips, for an eco-friendly home sugaring experience.

Our Verdict: You need patience and practice

If you're willing to put in the effort to learn the proper technique to get the full benefits of the product, then give it a try. If you're expecting it to work the first time for you and you have no patience, then I'd recommend continuing to do what you are doing or go see a professional.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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