Succulent Nails Are the New Manicure Trend You Have to See to Believe

To say succulents are having a moment would be a gross understatement. The low-maintenance potted plant option has firmly planted its roots in hearts the world over, establishing itself as a mainstay of hip households, lifestyle lookbooks, and Pinterest décor inspiration. Requiring low investment in terms of water and responsibility but yielding high returns in aesthetics and cool factor, the low-key plant is here to stay, and creative minds are finding ever more ways to repurpose it.

The latest to take the cactus and its cousin to new heights is an Australian artist by the name of Roz Borg. She's been using succulents as the centerpiece of terrariums and jewelry but has recently pushed the envelope by incorporating the desert flora in the least expected way. Meet the succulent manicure, as Borg affectionately nicknames the "succymani."

Just as the name suggests, the special nail treatment (which takes an hour per hand to execute) uses real baby succulents to decorate your digits. Most alarming about the procedure is that the succulents don't just adorn the nails but can actually grow on them. Borg uses a glue specifically designed for plants to attach the succulents to each fake nail, essentially planting them onto the tips of your fingers. "It's definitely a temporary green thumb," Borg tells Huffington Post. We're not sure these succulents will infiltrate households with the tenacity of their potted counterparts, but for the time being, we can't take our eyes off them.

Keep scrolling to see some of Borg's most mesmerizing succulent nail designs and shop some nourishing essentials if you're considering the look for yourself!