6 "Succession" Outfits That Give Peak Quiet Luxury

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Brian Cox and Sarah Snook in Succession

Hunter Graeme / HBO

Let’s be real, Succession isn’t the most stylish HBO series. It doesn’t have the glitter and the newest I.Am.Gia sets that Euphoria does, and characters don’t march around New York City in Manolos like in Sex and the City—yet there is still something fascinating about the fashion, or lack thereof, in Succession. We’re given an inside look into the lives of the one percent, yet they aren’t wearing designer labels or runway-worthy looks. In fact, those who do will be dragged by Tom Wambsgans given the “ludicrously capacious” Burberry bag incident we witnessed this season. Rather, they are either dressed for a boardroom meeting or in sweats and a tee, albeit a $500 tee. This is not unintentional, and instead is a prime example of the "stealth wealth" or quiet luxury lifestyle of the Roys.

Given the simplicity of the show’s fashion, recreating the looks of your favorite characters, perhaps with a slightly more stylish twist, is completely attainable. Read on for a breakdown of what to wear to blend in with TV’s most intimidating family.

Polished Earth Tones

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin in Succession

Claudette Barius / HBO

One thing about our girl Shiv? She will be dressed in a blazer and trousers at any time, and they will most likely be some shade of brown. In the first episode of season four, we see Shiv in a biscuit-colored blazer and silk trousers, both from Max Mara.

Relaxed Luxury

Brian Cox and Sarah Snook in Succession

Hunter Graeme / HBO

You’ve heard of model-off-duty, well allow us to present Fortune 500 off-duty. Shiv sports this slightly more casual look in season three. The knit Reiss top she wears here is sold out, but you can shop a similar option below.

Everyday Florals

Justine Lupe and Alan Ruck in Succession

Graeme Hunter / HBO

Justine Lupe’s character, Willa, is one of the few series regulars that wasn’t born into wealth, or at least the Roy’s level of wealth, so her style slightly differs from those around her. She can usually be spotted in sundresses and flowy pieces, usually from brands like Sandro and Ba&sh. Here, she wears a Sandro midi dress that’s currently sold out with espadrille wedges.

Classic Corporate

J. Smith-Cameron and Sarah Snook on Succession

Graeme Hunter / HBO

Gerri is a key player at Waystar-Royco and she knows how to dress the part. We usually see her in some sort of business dress or suit throughout the series. Her understated style clearly speaks to the male-dominated environment she’s constantly in, but she always finds a way to accessorize with a good bag or piece of jewelry.

Sophisticated Leather

Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Jeremy Strong in Succession

Macall B. Polay / HBO

Whenever Naomi Pierce, Kendall Roy’s ex-girlfriend, is around we can expect an It Girl outfit. In season three, she wears this covetable leather-trimmed Proenza Schouler strapless top with leather pants. Unfortunately, the top comes with a $1,490 price tag, but Rails sells a similar version for under $200.

Check Mate

Brian Cox and Zoë Winters in Succession

Kerry’s style is fairly basic, but we do see her in some noteworthy looks from time to time, like this multi-patterned midi dress in season three. To capture Kerry’s on-duty outfit, pair your dress with a pair of black pointed-toe pumps, sunglasses, and a black crossbody to match your black briefcase, of course.

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