Byrdie's Resident Short-Haired Editor Shares Her Favorite Styling Tools

Ever since cutting my hair short three years ago, I've become a bit of a bob evangelist. Every time a friend or co-worker displays even an inkling of curiosity about the short-hair lifestyle, off I go, attempting to convince them to chop off their long lengths into something "friskier" and "more rebellious." One of the most common reservations I hear about going short is that, contrary to what you might think, it can actually take longer to style a bob. The argument is that while longer hair still looks nice a day or two after styling (meaning—depending on your hair type—you can just pop some dry shampoo in there and go), short hair always seems to look sort of mangled the next day, flipping out in one awkward direction or the other and requiring at least a 10-minute touch-up.

I'll admit that figuring out how to style short hair in an efficient and flattering way is a challenge, but after three years, I like to think I've nailed it. A lot of it just comes down to selecting the right tools, and the following five are the ones I've come to swear by for curls, waves, and sleek straight strands that will last overnight without going haywire (or will at least make second-day touch-ups a cinch). Keep reading for the only hair tools you need for styling short hair—in my humble opinion, at least—plus a few photos of the looks I use them to achieve!