10 Ways to Dress Up Your Favorite T-Shirt and Jeans

A classic.

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There’s a reason why jeans and a t-shirt are the ultimate foundational outfit essentials. They’re easy to dress up or down. But after a year of relegating jeans to the back of the closet, it may be tough to find enough inspiration to put together a stylish, sophisticated jeans-and-tee outfit for a date night or weekend eve. Still, dressing up the classic, often-casual look is easy. Tuck your go-to pair inside knee-high boots for an elevated look. And if you’re not ready to opt for form-fitting denim just yet, a pair of baggy, ‘90s-inspired jeans will look great with a sleeveless tee and kitten-toe mules. 

But the key to elevating a jeans-and-tee outfit isn’t just in the accessories. It lies within the base pieces, too. If you start with a pair of rigid blue jeans that pool at the bottom, like this pair from Rag & Bone, then be sure your t-shirt feels elevated and breezy. The reverse is true, too. If you opt for a pair of black denim that tapers at the bottom, you have more room to play with something less formal on top. Ahead, we’re sharing how to dress up jeans and a t-shirt in 10 simple, tried-and-true outfit formulas.

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With a Trench Coat

Before the weather truly warms up, enjoy the surprises that transitional weather brings by equipping yourself with a faux-leather trench. The sleek topper instantly makes any pair of jeans—or, if you’re not there yet, sweats—a touch chicer.  

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With a Pair of Kitten-Heel Mules

After a year of sneakers and slides, nobody expects you to break out five-inch stilettos just yet. Ease into dressing up with these kitten-heeled thong sandals from Peche, which boast a mere three inches of height (but a ton of style). 

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With a Red Lip

A navy tee with a sleeve that hits closer to the elbow automatically feels a touch more elevated. Pair it with a red lip and you’re good to go.

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With a Statement Blazer

The jeans-tee-blazer outfit formula is a perennial winner for a reason: It just works. Swap out your go-to black jacket for something a touch brighter.

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With a Classic Moto Jacket

A classic moto jacket is a must-have in any season, but it’s especially handy during spring. Let your vintage-inspired tee hang past your hips, giving your regular ol’ jeans-and-tee outfit a bit more depth. For an occasion that requires a touch more—like date night, for example—just add a pair of sandals with a modest heel.

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With The Jeans Themselves

Start with a pair of denim that has a luxe, wide-leg feel and you’ll already feel eons less casual. This pair of wide-leg denim from Stella McCartney lends itself well to an elevated outing. Just tuck in the tee, which can fit oversized or more standard depending on how you size it.

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With an On-Trend Handbag

A boxy tee and cut-off shorts can feel casual, but liven it up by executing the half-tuck. Then, top the look off with an unmistakably polished bag, like this tote from Wandler.

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With a Fun Collar

Is there anything more fun than a detachable collar? Use this leather style from Ganni in place of a necklace to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.

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With Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots automatically make any outfit feel dressier—and skinny jeans are the perfect silhouette for tucking.

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With a Pair of Statement Earrings

Any piece of chunky, eye-catching jewelry will do the trick. Instantly elevate your outfit with a pair of shiny hoops, unique droppers, or even a chunky, oversized chain necklace. 

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