7 Essential Style Lessons I Learned From Christian Siriano

Plus, all the details on his new Pinterest TV show.

Cristian Siriano

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For any lover of fashion or celebrity style, Christian Siriano's designs are impossible to miss. He's the mind behind Billy Porter's black velvet Oscars gown from 2019, Lizzo's VOTE dress in October 2020, and Lili Reinhart's most recent Met Gala look. At only 36 years old, Siriano has set himself apart for celebrating inclusivity in the fashion industry and constantly innovating with his creations. The designer started getting recognition after winning the fourth season of Project Runway in 2008. Since then, he's become a member of the CFDA, was included in TIME's list of 100 Most Influential People of 2018, and has recently opened his first solo show at the SCAD Museum of Art.

Today, he's adding a brand new project to the list and branching out into the digital realm. Christian Siriano is hosting "Christian On," a live series airing exclusively on Pinterest TV, the platform's latest venture. Every Monday at 6 pm EST, the designer brings to life the most searched fashion terms on Pinterest. He answers live questions, receives special guests (including his sister Shannon), and gives fashion advice to anyone tuning in. 

"I love that I can share with the world what I love about fashion, interior design, and style in a way that allows me to interact with everyone watching in real-time," Siriano says of his new show. "All episodes are so different from each other that you'll be able to learn and interact with me about so many different outlets of creativity. I look forward to seeing what my viewers will take from watching and how they use it in their own ways; I want to see everyone's unique styles come out."

Below, Christian Siriano shares his thoughts on the fashion industry, opens up about his sources of inspiration, and dishes on his wardrobe staples and favorite beauty brands.

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Inspiration Is Everywhere

"I love that [fashion] is such a personal thing. You can define fashion however you want and how it makes you feel." Siriano says his love for fashion started from an early age. "I was younger watching my older sister grow up and experiment with her style, but then also transform into a beautiful fairy when she dressed up for her ballet recitals, and I loved the way fashion can transform someone and make them feel their best."

And when designing a new collection, Siriano finds inspiration in everything around him. "I can look at an orchid, and suddenly I'm picturing what it would look like if this orchid was in an alternate psychedelic world in which it came to life. I take that inspiration and create a beautiful gown that gives off just that feeling," he says. "It is actually the gown that is the cover image of my new Dresses to Dream About book."

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Fashion Is About Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

The designer insists that fashion is primarily about confidence, and it's essential to keep that in mind when discovering your personal style. "I definitely recommend just experimenting with styles and outfits you are interested in, and if it makes you feel confident, then that's a great start to a personal style." That's also the case when he's styling a celebrity. "I look for what is wanted in that moment," he says. "I put all aspects [of creation] into consideration, but at the end of the day, if whoever is wearing my design feels amazing and confident, it makes that design stand out more than anything else."

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Prioritizing Inclusivity Shouldn't Be a Discussion

When asked about his thoughts on inclusivity in the fashion industry, Christian Siriano says: "It is so crazy to me that this still is such a big discussion. Inclusivity is so important in the fashion industry. Everyone has the right to dress the way that makes them feel beautiful. Fashion shouldn't be altered due to the color, gender, or size anyone is."

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The Wardrobe Staples He Swears By

“I make sure I always have a great pair of black jeans, something that can be dressed up or styled very casually. I also think having a great blazer is important because you can throw it on over so many different outfits and give it an elevated look.”

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When in Doubt, Add a Pop of Color

“Right now, I am all about finding creative cool silhouettes and textures in simple colors, but then adding a heavy pop of a bold color.” The designer adds that being innovative in fashion “comes down to being able to transform a design in a way that no one has before and finding an element of fashion that can be pushed in a new direction.”

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He's Just as Inspired by Social Media Trends as Runway Fashion

Christian Siriano says that runway fashion trends and internet fashion trends “can sometimes inspire each other.” He adds, “Internet trends are interesting to me because they can blow up so quickly from websites (such as Pinterest) where it is constantly shared and reaches people who might not have seen these trends without the internet. I think all of [these internet trends] are inspiring because it truly shows how people directly feel about trends.”

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Beauty and Style Go Hand in Hand

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The designer shared his love for two beauty brands, the Australian skin and body care label Aesop and the luxury skincare brand Augustinus Bader. He also says he swears by Snif’s fragrances and loves using Aveda’s and Sebastian’s hairsprays.

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