14 Studded French Manicures Trending for Spring

French manicure with iridescent base, white tips, and rhinestone studs


Instagram and TikTok are home to dozens of trending nail art ideas, and one of the most popular looks these days is none other than the studded French manicure. It's exactly as it sounds: A French manicure with stud accents, which come in many forms—from rhinestones to pearls to sequins and more. If you love to shake up a classic French mani and are looking to go even bolder than a new color or design variation, adding bling like this is the solution you'll want to try ASAP. Ahead, find 14 studded French manicure ideas to help inspire your next nail look.

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Rainbow Heart-Studded Manicure

Studded French manicure with rainbow tips and matching heart studs


While many studded French manicures feature rhinestones or pearls, this beauty shakes things up with heart-shaped gems in coordinating colors with the tips. To sum it up: We're obsessed.

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Glittery Green French Tips

Studded French manicure with green glitter tips and clear rhinestone gems


Whether you're looking for a festive nail look fit for a specific occasion or simply love the color green, this glittery studded French mani will make you swoon. We adore the different sizes of nail gems, which give the design an especially whimsical appeal.

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Iridescent Studded French Manicure

French manicure with iridescent base, white tips, and small rhinestone studs


Iridescent nails are trending on social media, which makes these shimmery, cool-toned studded French tips that much more of a must. Swapping your go-to clear or neutral base for the reflective shade creates a brand-new look that will have everyone doing double-takes.

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Metallic Gold French Tips

French manicure with metallic gold tips, star designs, and rhinestone studs


This metallic gold studded French mani is a stunning option for the astrology-obsessed, chrome lovers, and anyone who wants their nails to have main character energy. This mani is so pretty, we'd happily wear it year-round.

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Colorful Studded French Tips

French manicure with colorful rhinestone studs


Love the idea of incorporating color into your mani but want to maintain classic French tips? Opt for colorful studs instead for a bejeweled moment that instantly sparks joy.

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Studded Glitter French Tips

Silver glitter studded French manicure with star decals


How gorgeous are these glittery silver French tips? The stars and gemstones here take the look over the top for what we're dubbing the ultimate party mani.

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Pearl Studded French Tips

Studded French manicure with silver tips and pearl studs


Another way to rock studded nails is with pearls, which pair beautifully here with silver French tips. To recreate the look, start with the Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in the shade Adaline for the base. Then, use a silver polish of your choice to perfect your tips. (The Orly Half Moon Guides, $6, will help.) To complete the look, use the Lights Lacquer 3D Pearl Nail Stickers ($7).

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Chrome Studs

Studded French manicure with black tips and chrome studs


Considering the popularity of chrome nails right now, this studded French manicure stands out for all the right reasons. To recreate the look, use OPI's Nail Lacquer in the shades Bare My Soul ($14) and Onyx Skies ($12). Complete the look with chrome studs, like the ones in the Artquee 660-Piece Clear Black Sparkly Bling Nail Art Kit ($9).

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Black Studded French Mani

Black French manicure with black studs and gold star designs


For a cosmic take on the studded French manicure trend, consider working with a black, white, and gold palette for your nails. Instead of white French tips, confine the light color to pearl studs.

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Star Studded French Tips

Star studded French manicure with white tips


It's more than possible create the appearance of a studded nail look without rhinestones or pearls. The trick is to have some kind of accent that adds a touch of texture and depth. Here, nail artist Melanie Graves used Pleasing's Nail Polish ($20) in Perfect Pearl and Pearly Tops with star sequins to complete the look.

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Wavy Studded French Tips

Studded French manicure with small rhinestones and wavy silver glitter tips


Into the idea of trying out the studded French manicure trend, but prefer more of a mismatched nail look? This abstract wavy French manicure will be an instant hit. Plus, that silver glitter polish used for the design is absolutely stunning.

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Ballerina Pink Studded French Mani

Studded French manicure with ballerina pink tips and clear rhinestones


Balletcore is still going strong on TikTok, which means this ballerina pink studded French manicure is an obvious choice. For a similar look, use Essie's Nail Polish ($10) in the much-beloved Ballet Slippers shade as the base, and Sugar Daddy for the tips.

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Negative Space Studded French Mani

French manicure with black tips, accent design, and rhinestone studs near cuticle


While most studded French manis have the same base design, this one switches things up with an added negative space element at the cuticle—and we're here for it.

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Studded Gemstone French Mani

Studded French manicure with white tips and gemstone studs


From the almond shape and classic palette to the mix of clear and holographic gemstones, there's so much to love about this studded French mani.

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