This Reddit User's Crazy Before-and-After Stretch Mark Photo Is Going Viral

Stretch marks are natural. They're so natural that I've heard everyone from my sister to my cousins to my friends—even acquaintances—complain about them. Even though there's nothing wrong or harmful about them, it's okay if you dislike their appearance. If that's the case, as it is for many of us, treating them can be frustrating. Despite the number of products or tools you use, they may not disappear completely. That's why the story of one Reddit user is so surprising.

She goes by nct1234, and she recently shared a before-and-after photo on the social media site, showing the difference pre– and post–stretch mark treatment. You see, she treated one leg and not the other to gauge the efficacy, and the results are astounding. Keep scrolling to see the photo and learn how she made her stretch marks virtually vanish (and read about what happened when our editor tried the same thing).