This "Naked" Polish Turned My Brittle Nails Glossy and Strong


Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Confession: I rarely get a manicure or attempt to paint my nails because I'm too hard on my hands. I'm a frequent hand-washer, I type like a baboon, and I'm constantly putting them through the wringer doing the dishes, opening packages, and the like. Before I know it, my nails have that awful peeling, chapped look that makes my skin crawl. Try as I might to preemptively nourish them by taking biotin gummies and frequently applying cuticle oil and hand cream, they still break like a tortilla chip. The only fix that's somewhat improved their appearance is a gel manicure, but it's far too expensive to spawn into a habit, and I'm convinced that spine-tingling removal process in which the nail tech scrapes the paint off your nails with a metal tool is making them even worse for the wear.

I figured my fate was cut out for me as a brittle-nailed girl until I recently tried a sheer pink-peach shade from Zoya's Naked Manicure collection. I'd gotten the bottle backstage several New York Fashion Weeks ago and figured it was a nice neutral color I could always keep in my arsenal. What I didn't know was that it would completely change the state of my nails.