7 Girls Who Killed the Beauty Game at SXSW

The streets of Austin, Texas, are typically pretty mellow. Sure, the city is currently undergoing a prodigious hipster boom (think craft beer bars, vegan food trucks, and high-rises populated by Silicon Valley expats)—but on a normal day, you can easily traverse a downtown block without physically running into anyone.

But during South by Southwest, everything changes. During this 10-day film, music, and tech fest, those otherwise laid-back blocks transform into a bustling playground for 20- and 30-somethings all hoping to be the next hot indie filmmaker, indie band, or indie street beauty star.

The overall look at SXSW is minimalistic and utilitarian—not only is Austin a casual place, but it's also humid and hot, the kind of weather that threatens to melt off heavy makeup and flatten carefully curled hair. Comfort and simplicity are key.

We dove into the belly of the beast this past weekend in search of festival-goers who could push past the elements to bring their own trendsetting panache to downtown Austin. We encountered an eclectic group of ladies—from directors premiering their shorts at the fest to aspiring photographers and hair stylists—all of whom were eager to share their must-have products and hairstyles for surviving SXSW.

To see our favorite street beauty looks from SXSW, keep scrolling!

Slides 3 through 7 were published at an earlier date after visiting SXSW 2016.

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