Street Beauty: Real Malibu Girls Share Their Skincare Secrets

Amanda Montell

Malibu is a landscape plucked straight from our seaside daydreams. It's a place of thriving surf culture, eternal sun, and, of course, beautiful people. It's where so many celebs go to hide away and de-stress; it's where Barbie and Ken call home.

Malibu's combination of sun, soft sand, and the breezy sea can seem a world away to residents of the East Coast and Midwest (or, let's be real, even the surrounding Los Angeles area). But that doesn't mean the beauty benefits of its stress-free living can't be ours. In order to replicate that enviable, effortless Malibu look, we had to know: What are Malibu girls' skincare secrets?

To discover them firsthand, we grabbed a photographer, drove up the PCH, and posted up at the Malibu Country Mart for an afternoon. There, we met six flawlessly complected women and made them dish their skincare routines. (Spoiler: They're very laid-back, just like Malibu itself.)

Keep scrolling to hear what six real Malibu girls have to say about their skincare routines!

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