Street Beauty: How L.A. Girls Get Ready for Brunch

Here in L.A. brunch is not only a meal, it’s a culture. If you wake up casually on a Sunday morning and decide you want to go out for pancakes, you’re out of luck. Brunch restaurants in this city book up days, if not weeks, in advance, crammed with sun-kissed Angelenos jonesing for bottomless mimosas and celebrity sightings. 

West Hollywood is the epicenter of brunch in L.A. Melrose Avenue alone is sprinkled with dozens of bustling brunch locales like Gracias Madre (for your vegan taco fix) and Urth Caffé (for fresh smoothies and paninis). Diners make a whole event out of brunch here. Knowing that they might run into their crush from yoga class and that they’ll definitely end up in an Instagram or two, L.A. girls show up with hair and makeup that look at once effortlessly undone and stunning.

We wanted to show you L.A.’s best brunch beauty in action, so we packed up our camera and headed to Melrose. There we met students, career women, and vacationers who were happy to tell us how they achieved their chic makeup and hair looks. (Alert: Mile-long lashes and easy braids are two major brunch beauty trends.) 

Keep scrolling to see how L.A. girls do their hair and makeup for brunch!

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