Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails Are Hailey Bieber's New Favorite Mani Flavor

Here's how to get the yummy trend.

Strawberry glazed donut nails


If you haven’t opened up TikTok recently, let me fill you in on the latest trend on NailTok: strawberry glazed donut manicures. Hailing from the iconic glazed donut trend that swept the internet this summer, strawberry glazed donut nails offer the same chrome-like pearlescent qualities of the original trend, but now in a sheer pink color. Call it the Barbiecore-effect that has everyone changing the dial on their style to pink; or just a fool-proof way to add some princess vibes to your look—whichever way you look at it, this trend is here to stay through the fall. Here’s how to achieve the strawberry glazed donut manicure.

The trend

To give you some context, Hailey Bieber first donned the glazed donut manicure at the 2022 Met Gala, which was followed by an almost immediate burst of people all over TikTok and Instagram re-creating the design. In fact, some salons went as far to create pre-made bundles of the necessary polishes so guests didn't even have to ask for the look. One of the best things about this manicure is since the pearlescent sheen comes from rubbing chrome powder on top of a manicure, you can opt for the original cream color base, or mix it up with your favorite color.

 Bieber’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigtn, recently shared a video of her recreating the viral glazed donut manicure, but this time in a pretty, soft pink.

How to get strawberry glazed donut nails

Similar to the original nail glazed donut design, Ganzorigtn starts off with OPI’s Stay Strong Gel Base Coat ($19). After that, the nail artist applies a coat of Presto Color Gel in #098 ($10), a sheer pink gel polish. The trick here is to use a sheer nail polish to add dimension—Ganzorigtn notes in her video’s caption, “if [the] color doesn’t seem sheer as this video, I’d highly recommend [mixing your base color] with clear gel.”

After applying the pink polish, Ganzorigtn, then uses OPI Stay Shiny Gel Top Coat ($20). Then, it’s time for the star of the show: OPI Chrome Effects Powder in Tin Man Can (pro only). Ganzorigtn dusts this onto each nail to achieve the coveted chrome-like finish that is quintessential to the glazed donut manicure. Finally, she locks the entire look in with another coat of top coat, et, voila—the strawberry glazed donut manicure.

Nail artist and Essie’s Global Lead Educator Rita Remark previously told Byrdie, “[The chrome powder] gave a surreal, wet-metallic finish to her nude nails… [which] led to many adding this ultra-luxe effect to their favorite colors, and has even been trending when paired with green and pink hues.” So, if a transition from a classic glazed donut to a strawberry glazed donut doesn’t sound too appetizing to you, you can have fun and turn this manicure into any flavor your heart desires.


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