30 Strawberry Blonde Highlight Ideas to Show Your Stylist ASAP

Strawberry Blonde Highlight Ideas

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Confession time: I never associated strawberry-blonde hair with, well, grown-ups. As a former strawberry-blonde child whose locks gradually turned dark brown as I got older, I always thought of strawberry-blonde as a "transition" hue—for toddlers or those whose hair colors haven't fully developed into their final form.

Well, I can admit when I'm wrong—and I'm pleased to announce that strawberry-blonde hair is officially all grown up. Whether you're a natural redhead, a blonde from birth, or none of the above, the below strawberry-blonde looks are anything but kid-like. (Yep—years later, and I'm suddenly inspired to return to the strawberry-blonde tresses of my youth.)

Below, find 30 strawberry-blonde hairstyles that'll make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about the hue.

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Sexy Beach Waves

We're always suckers for choppy layers and tousled beach waves—especially where balayage is involved. This strawberry-blonde situation features extra-saturated ends for next-level coolness.

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High Contrast

This multidimensional mane isn't for the faint of heart—but that's why we love it. With lighter, face-framing highlights contrasting against vibrant, deeper red throughout, this style is basically what our strawberry-blonde dreams are made of.

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'70s Vibes

Who invited Donna from That '70s Show? With Farrah Fawcett-esque, layered bangs, and an of-the-moment strawberry-blonde shade, this look is truly giving us life.

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Light & Fresh

A lesson in subtlety: You might just miss the cool, red roots if you're not looking closely. This soft strawberry-blonde hue and lightweight cut are totally fresh.

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Sexy & Tousled

The sexy bedhead of our dreams—with a side of strawberry-blonde. We're obsessed with these tousled curls and the cool, trendy color to match.

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Dreamy Apricot

A shiny, dreamy apricot shade feels fresh year-round. (Want your hair this shiny? Get our best tips for every budget here.)

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Golden Blend

No upcoming vacation in the books? Get the second-best thing: hair that looks like you just made a trip to the beach. Bright, blonde highlights will make it look like you just spent hours in the sun.

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Bold Balayage

To be perfectly blunt: You can't go wrong with a sweet strawberry-blonde balayage complemented by smudged roots, choppy layers, and tousled waves.

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Face-Framing Highlights

We always go gaga for chic layered bobs—and this style is no different. But TBH, what we love the most about this look is the bright, face-framing highlights accompanied by a warm, strawberry-blonde hue all over.

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All the Volume

How gorgeous are these voluminous curls? The good news is you can take your natural, bouncy curls to the next level too—spiral perms are back, too—with multifaceted strawberry-blonde highlights throughout.

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Knotless Braids

Looking to jazz up your usual braids? Switch things up with some strawberry-blonde strands.

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Long & Silky

Long, color-treated hair that actually looks healthy? Yes, it's possible—and we can't stop staring at these silky locks with a stunning strawberry-blonde base and highlights.

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Creamsicle Vibes

Who knew creamsicle colors could look this chic? This strawberry-blonde blend is everything our bold, beauty risk-taking side could ask for.

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Shady Lowlights

Make those bright strawberry-blonde highlights pop with darker, shady lowlights throughout. (And those gorgeous, tousled, next-day waves? We've got a guide for that.)

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Natural Roots

Any hairstyle that requires fewer salon visits and touch-ups is a "yes" for this busy bee. Here, we learn gray roots against allover strawberry blonde is a surprisingly chic (and, presumably, cost-efficient) combination.

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Topped With a Bow

We're always all about hair accessories—and these strawberry-blonde highlights are made even more gorgeous with an oversize velvet bow. *Adds to hairstyle-inspiration folder.*

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Shades of Copper

Make the chop with a blunt-end bob—and go for a warm copper tone with strawberry-blonde highlights if you're feeling even more daring.

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Blunt Bangs

Bangs are having a major moment right now, and we can't get enough of the trend. This blunt fringe is no exception, especially because strawberry-blonde highlights are involved.

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Red Hot

Hair-color changes are always intimidating, but one thing's for sure: A fiery, saturated strawberry-blonde hue is ultra-cool and surprisingly flattering.

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Lots of Lightness

Brighten things up with a strawberry-blonde base color featuring lots (and lots!) of light-blonde highlights throughout.

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Bright & Fresh

Don't be afraid to go for the bold—aka, borderline neon. We're all about bright hair colors always, but there's something about this strawberry-blonde blend that's extra dreamy (and making us want to call our colorists right this second).

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Fresh Chop

If you're suddenly feeling the urge to chop your hair off, you're not alone. This strawberry-blonde bob with tousled layers is goals.

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Ombré Beauty

If your natural color is feeling stale, freshen things up with a bold new hue. This allover strawberry-blonde shade has hints of copper and auburn for a warm, flawless finished product.

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Bouncy Volume

Heavy on the blonde, light on the strawberry. Either way, these beautiful, bouncy curls are made even more gorgeous with subtly tinted highlights throughout.

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Lighten Up

Natural redhead? Take things to the next level by brightening things up with blonde highlights on top for a reverse ombré effect. (Recommended: adding single front mini braids to tap into the '90s trend, too.)

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Cinnamon Spice

Add a touch of spice with ginger-topped, bouncy curls. (Getting curl envy, too? Find our best tips for getting this kind of next-level volume.)

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Extra Blonde

If you're feeling seriously daring, take things platinum. These bright, strawberry-blonde cornrows might just be the major hair moment you're looking for.

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Pink Lady

Rose gold or strawberry blonde? Whatever you want to call it—soft pink highlights are always a blonde's best friend.

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Bouncy Curls

There's nothing like a good balayage—especially when the hair is this stunning to start with. This strawberry-blonde hue is simultaneously saturated and subtly natural-looking. (It's the best of both worlds.)

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Strawberry Champagne

Mimosas, anyone? This chic, choppy mane has hints of peach and champagne, too, for a final product with both warm and cool tones. The bottom line: Strawberry blondes definitely have more fun.

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