7 Beauty Trends Stranger Things' Eleven Tried First

It's been two months (almost to the day!) since Netflix first introduced us to the phenomenon that is Stranger Things—and yet, even after several weeks and rewatches, it still feels just as fresh and delightfully creepy as it did mid-July. We have a feeling that proof of this sustained obsession will be out in droves come Halloween, because how many people do you know who are planning on going as Eleven?

Speaking of our heroine, let's be real: She's the soul of the show; otherworldly and yet everything we want to be IRL (except the whole being used as a human experiment thing). And upon closer examination (read: re-binge), it has become increasingly clear that in addition to her unmitigated badassery, she's also something of a beauty trendsetter. The buzz cut is obvious—which came first, Ruth Bell or Eleven?—but there are actually a few other elements to Eleven's persona that speak to her untouchable beauty game. 

Keep scrolling to see the reasons why she makes for the ultimate muse.