This Magical Harry Potter Eye Shadow Palette Is for Hardcore Fans Only


Instagram user @storybookcosmetics

From "unicorn tears" primer to Lisa Frank–inspired hair color, it's clear that kitsch-fueled nostalgia has become a beauty trend in its own right this year. This notion perhaps hit its apex when unknown brand Storybook Cosmetics suddenly went viral in October, thanks to the genius idea to create Harry Potter makeup brushes shaped like wands—the irony being that the brand hadn't even started producing them yet. (The thousands of people who preordered the set—which has long since sold out—should start receiving them this week.)

But rather than risk a one-hit wonder, Storybook decided to continue riding the global Harry Potter obsession with a follow-up product, just announced on Instagram this week: The Witchcraft & Wizardry eye shadow palette contains 12 mesmerizing, magical shades, and will be available to order soon.