PSA: It's Time to Ditch the Makeup Remover

Call us Captain Obvious, but we love makeup. We love it so much that we tend to try out a bunch of new products at once and might end up looking like a bit of a human makeup palette. Only problem is sometimes removing our looks takes a little extra elbow grease. A couple swipes of eye makeup remover here and some cold cream there, followed by our regular face wash, and we feel we've got a clean slate. However, could all of these extra steps be unnecessary? According to an article featured in Harper's Bazaar, yes.

"There's always residue left on the skin after the first wash, and cleanser is gentler and more effective than makeup remover, which can have drying alcohols," says Dr. Lamees Hamdan, creator of Shiffa Dubai Skin Care. As an alternative, she recommends washing your face twice to get rid of every last bit of makeup. The emulsifiers used in some makeup removers, Hamdan notes, clog pores, especially if you don't rinse them off entirely (a major culprit is makeup-removing wipes). However, one exception is alcohol-free, fragrance-free eye makeup remover. Sometimes sleeping in pesky waterproof eye makeup can lead to infection, so Hamdan suggests gently pressing a cotton ball soaked in the remover onto the eyelids, followed by a rinse with water.

One of our favorite cleansers for thorough makeup removal is L'Oréal Go 360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser ($5).

What are your favorite tips for removing makeup? Tell us in the comments below!