This Random 30-Second Thing Can Stop a Binge in Its Tracks

We’ve all been there: When the [insert your diet Kryptonite here] cravings come knocking, there’s not much that can come in between that holy grail food and your belly—which often leads to overdoing it. But what if you could take one simple action to stop overeating before it even begins?

Acupuncturist Daniel Hsu tells Prevention that by locating and massaging certain pressure points, you can actually lessen that draw to gorge. The base of the neck (at the bottom of your hairline, on either side of your spine) is one of them: In Eastern medicine, it’s the area associated with appetite and cravings, and pressing down on it and loosening up is also a great way to ease headaches in addition to nipping a binge sesh in the bud.

And we know it’s not always just hunger that’s enhancing your cravings. Scientists have long since made links between overeating and anxiety, so if you have a feeling that stress might be driving your food hankerings, Hsu advises to press down on the fleshy area between your forefinger and thumb for about 30 seconds. Other pressure points associated with tension are the temples and the space between your eyebrows, so try giving yourself a little face massage if all else fails—doing so can release a boatload of mood-boosting serotonin, which could be just what your mind and body need to suppress that appetite. 

Meditation is also a great way to stop cravings before they begin. Are you a mindfulness newbie? Try The Mindfulness App ($3) to ease into your practice, and read more about meditation for beginners.

What’s your favorite way to quash cravings? Tell us in the comments below!