Stoney Clover Lane and Juicy Couture's Collab Is Peak Nostalgia

It doesn't get more Y2K than this.

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy model

Stoney Clover Lane

If early 2000s style was summed up in a single garment, it would be a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit. Girls everywhere had an entire rainbows worth of velvety sweats adorned with phrases in rhinestones hanging in their closet to wear to school, to the mall, or, in the case of stars like Paris Hilton, on a highly-papped coffee run. Like everything Y2K, the sweats have made a surprising comeback, and you can still purchase a suit of your own from Juicy's website. And today, it just got even easier to wear the brand from head to toe with accessory brand Stoney Clover Lane and Juicy Couture’s new collaboration.

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture bags on a pink background

Stoney Clover Lane

The Brands

 If your FYP is a mashup of Y2K style and organization inspo, you’ll want to check out Stoney Clover Lane’s offerings. As the brand puts it, sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer “have a passion for living life colorfully,” which sparked them to create Stoney Clover Lane, a travel and lifestyle accessory brand that offers everything from makeup cases to duffle bags to keep you organized during your next weekend getaway. The brand offers customization in the form of patches and embroidery, and often collaborates with other brands to keep its dedicated following on its toes.

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture bags

Stoney Clover Lane

Juicy Couture was born in 1997 when friends Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy came together and created clothing, accessories, and even perfumes that 2000s icons like Hilton, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian couldn’t get enough of. According to Business Insider, the brand reached its peak of $605 million in sales in 2008, but the brand is still running today and has broadened its offerings through multiple collabs over the past few years.

The Inspiration

The Glazer sisters share that their own love for Juicy Couture is what sparked the collaboration in the first place. “Libby and I knew everything about Juicy. We were obsessed. We had the velour, the tracksuits, the t-shirts, the handbags—we loved anything that they did with their brand, and it’s all we wanted for any birthday or holiday,” Kendall tells Byrdie. “Everything that they did was instantly cool and instantly recognizable. Juicy Couture meant so much to us. I think I admire them more as a brand today than I did even back then. They built a cultural phenomenon.”

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture bags on a pink bed

Stoney Clover Lane

One of the major inspirations for the Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture collab was the color scheme, which includes Malibu (sage green), Beverly Hills (baby pink), and Hollywood (choclate brown). “Thinking back on the early 2000s and how much Libby and I loved Juicy, its iconic signature branding was what immediately came to mind—that was always in pink and brown,” Kendall continues. “These colors are synonymous with Juicy for us—they became our favorites for anything and everything when we were growing up. I only wanted every item in my bathroom to be pink and brown and Libby’s bat mitzvah invitation was in pink and brown. That color combo, with also a few pops of Juicy’s sage green, was so prevalent in our lives just because of Juicy’s influence.”

The Collection

Although this collaboration is laden with Juicy Couture's signature branding, make no mistake— Stoney Clover Lane’s DNA shines through, too. "The pieces with embroidery and Juicy’s icons and sayings on them feel surreal,” says Kendall, noting the various bags embroidered with classic JC sayings like "For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff". “The combination of having those paired with custom ‘LOVE SCL’ lining inside really blends the brands together so seamlessly. The Flat Pouches, in particular, shows this off, with the classic Juicy embroidered crests on soft velour.”

Stoney Clover Lane x Juicy Couture makeup bag

Stoney Clover Lane

Kendall continues, “I also love the rhinestone-embellished pieces so much. When you think of Juicy, who doesn’t think of ‘Juicy’ spelled out in rhinestones?! Except now it’s on a pouch instead of on the back of pants.”

The collection includes 20 pieces ranging from key chain pouches and makeup bags to a velour backpack. There are also luggage tags, duffle bags, and large totes to make traveling more fun. Prices range from $20-$318. You can shop the full collection at starting today.

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