The New Ab Workout That's Replacing Crunches

If your go-to crunches are feeling a bit boring, allow us introduce you to the buzzy new ab workout: ab vacuuming. Contrary to what it sounds like, it does not actually involve suctioning anything out of your stomach area (thankfully). reports that it’s actually a breathing exercise that activates and strengthens your “transverse abdominis,” which is your deepest abdominal muscle. The benefits include reduced lower back pain, a more stabilized spine, improved posture, and, last but not least, the abs of your dreams. You’re supposed to do the exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and it seems to involve lots of sucking in and holding while you’re on all fours. Suffice to say, we’re intrigued. But before attempting this in the a.m., perhaps give a little warning to the significant other who shares your bed—just a thought. 

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