29 Stiletto Nails Ideas to Copy Right Now

Stiletto Nails


Once upon a time, if you were getting a manicure, your nails would be filed one of two ways: square or round. Now, however, there are half a dozen ways to tailor your edges, including everything from almond shapes and coffin silhouettes to trendy stiletto nails, the latter of which we're focusing on today.

The stiletto nail shape is characterized by razor-sharp points that are designed to look as dramatic as everyone's favorite 3-inch heel. Just like the shoes themselves, not everyone is a fan of the stiletto nail shape given its extra-long length and, subsequently, more breakable nature.

Nevertheless, if you're a fan of the dramatically sharp nail shape, you'll be glad to know that many of Instagram's top manicurists are too. Ahead you'll find 29 of our favorite takes on the stiletto nail trend.

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Neon Fade

No, "subtle neon" is not an oxymoron. These translucent nails graduate into a faint lime green nails ombré, perfect for those looking to ease into the electric trend.

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Plain and Simple

Let the shape of your nails take center stage while keeping the color clean and neutral.

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Red With a Side of Embellishment

Electric red nails with an embellished diamond accent nail are a sparkly twist on a classic scarlet manicure.

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Heart Stilettos

Take advantage of the pointed tip of a stiletto nail by working a double hump into the base of the nail so that it ultimately forms a heart.

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Matte Black

A buffed-down, shine-less manicure is untraditionally sleek.

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Siren Chrome

Dark and mermaid-inspired, these chrome stiletto nails will earn you endless likes. Since this finish is often made with dip powder, you'll want to consult a manicurist to bring these beauties to life.

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Electric Orange

Bold and bright, these fiery tangerine nails are loud in the best way.

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Purple Storm

If you prefer solid colors over detailed designs, check out these matte metallic stiletto nails. So fierce.

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Rose Gold Beauties

Shades of mauve make for a rose gold masterpiece that can't be beat.

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Iridescent Dream

Prefer the pastel route? These iridescent mismatched nails are simply stunning.

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Matte Evergreen

Sometimes it's as simple as sticking to one color palette and mixing up textures. Here, we have matte nails with glossy marbled accents. To create the marbled nails, use a toothpick dipped in black or charcoal polish and trace swirls across the nail. While still wet, finish with a topcoat to create the blurred, smudged effect.

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French Stiletto

Modern French manicures are popping up left and right. This take on the trend skips the fade in favor of a razor-thin white trim on each nail.

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Lime Lengths

Having a lime moment? Us too. Show off your love of the bright color with this mixed-design nail look.

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Blue Jelly Nails

The jelly nail trend may have had a big moment in 2019, but there's no sign of it slowing down. Here, it's created with the Pantone Color of the Year.

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Geometric French

Pointed nails make way for a unique French manicure shape, like this chevron white tip.

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Rainbow Watercolor

The marbleized and blurred streams of vibrant color happening here is a beautiful mani fever dream.

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Turquoise Flames

Turquoise, flames, negative space, and holo accents are the makings for a show-stopping manicure. To snag the swoon-worthy color, try using the OPI Infinite Shine 2 ($13) in Is Closer Than You Might Belem.

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Tortoiseshell Tips

Here, a classic '90s tortoiseshell is made modern with 2020 stiletto tips. The chic combo looks straight out of a magazine.

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Tie-Dye Nails

Looking to go bolder and brighter in 2020? These neon tie-dye nails are worth considering. Just be sure to use a high-shine topcoat to nail the glossy finish.

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Blue Marble

If you love the look of nude nails but want the faintest pop of color, you'll dig this baby blue marbled design.

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Matte Khaki

There's something about a simple matte nail that makes for a subtly chic mani. In this particular look, the fingers appear elongated, a good trick for short digits.

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Cat-Eye Nails

We love the way this half-neon, half-black line down the center of the nail is reminiscent of a cat eye.

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Hint of Gold

Strips of gold material placed in various directions along the nails makes for a pretty geometric gilded moment.

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Cable-Knit Nails

Texture is a major statement-maker: just look at this sweater-inspired mani. Given the extra-intricate craftsmanship, it's time to get your manicurist on the line if you're hoping to wear this winter-inspired nail look.

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Starry Night

Nude with gold star accents? Yes, please.

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Sea Witch

If stiletto nails simply aren't enough for your liking, take it a step further with a shell-shaped accent nail that's bound to turn heads.

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Leopard Lengths

Why stop at animal print when you can add gems to the mix?

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Blue Steel

If you want to use a single nail polish shade to create a mixed-design look, consider this look that crackles the metallic polish on two accent nails.

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Nude Necessity

No matter the shape, you can never go wrong with nude nail polish. If you want to play it up a bit, consider choosing five shades of nude for one Instagram-worthy look. To make the process as easy as possible, use Olive & June's Pink Sweater Kit ($40) which, while composed of pinks and taupes, creates a gorgeous nude appeal overall.

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