We Can't Stop Talking About This Liquid Eye Shadow

Updated 03/01/18
Product Disclosure
Stila liquid eyeshadow

This time of year is a bit weird. Spring is taunting us from a distance, but it’s still cold and gloomy outside. The weather’s a constant cycle of hot and cold, and quite frankly, we’re ready to ditch a few layers. So in anticipation of brighter days ahead, we’re pulling ourselves out of this midseason rut and trying out a new pastel shadow that’s pure spring: STILA Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ($24). Splash it across your lids in bold blocks of color for a look that feels fresh and modern for the season to come.

A pale aqua liquid eye shadow with lots of shimmer—think sophisticated sheen, not chunky glitter.

Liquid eye shadows can become messy quickly, but this one is anything but. The applicator makes it easy to brush across your eyelid and blend in with your finger, making it perfect for makeup novices. But arguably the best thing about it is the color. While bright aqua might scare some people off, the water-based formula lends a subtle wash of color to lids. Wear it on its own for a softer look, or layer it over another eye shadow for added drama.

Pick up your own STILA Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Freedom ($24) at Ulta Beauty.

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