Stephanie Shepherd Swears by This Eco-Friendly Face Oil for Glowing Skin

Plus, how she starts her morning ritual and the one thing she thinks everyone should know about sustainability.

Stephanie Shepherd

Stephanie Shepherd

“Everyone’s invited” to Steph Shep’s party to save the environment. The eco-influencer and former right hand woman to Kim Kardashian preaches the gospel of “imperfect” activism: It’s all about getting a large amount of people to make easy changes, rather than putting the onus on a few activists. This approach seems to be working. Her climate club, @futureearth, has amassed 265k followers and counting, and she’s committed to partnering with companies that share her vision. 

We caught up with Steph and brand Codex Beauty at a virtual event to debut its new Antü collection. Read on to learn more about Stephanie Shepherd's morning ritual, her favorite face oil for glowing skin, and the one thing she thinks everyone should know about sustainability.

The One Thing Anyone Can (And Should) Do to Reduce Their Environmental Impact

Lessening your environmental impact can be daunting, but Shepherd shares that aiming to “eat less (or no) meat” is a good entry point for those looking for a place to start. 

The One Eco-Friendly Product to Add to Your Skincare Routine 

“I’m all about the new Antü brightening line from Codex right now,” says Shepherd. Also, Codex's Bia Face Oil ($85) is a holy grail skincare product for her. “I love this brand because they source ingredients through biotech manufacturing wherever possible—this is the most energy and land usage sustainable source—and otherwise, through organic agriculture resulting in greater biodiversity. This protects the environment through legally binding standards that prevent pollution and ban herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Not to mention 100% of the packaging is recyclable!”

Codex Face Oil
Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil $85.00

The One Thing She’s Trying This Summer

The “Celluma Delux LED Body Light Panel,” which offers full-coverage light therapy at home, is proven to treat acne, wrinkles, and muscle tension. Sign us up.

The One Thing to Kick Off Her Morning Routine

According to Steph, the most important part of her morning ritual is “my gratitude journal.” 

The One Thing She Does Before Bed

“Check @deuxmoi on Instagram,” says Shepherd. 

The One Thing About Sustainability Everyone Should Know

Steph quotes Anne-Marie Bonneau, saying “we don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

The One Thing She Recommends for Fellow Dog Moms

If you follow Shepherd on Instagram, you know she’s a proud dog mom. For fellow dog owners, she recommends the “Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Toy.”

The One Thing That Keeps Her Hair Healthy

Rather than relying on expensive serums or creams, Shepherd credits her Slipsilk Pillowcase ($89) with keeping her hair shiny and smooth. 

Pillow case
Slipsilk Pink Queen Zippered Pillow Case $89.00

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