How to Eat out and Not Have a Calorie Binge

If you're not already following influencer and model best pals Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith on Instagram, what are you even doing? Aside from being relatable, honest, and refreshingly candid on social media, the duo are quite possibly the best source of fitspiration, well, ever. For starters, they give extremely generous glimpses into their diet and fitness plan, Keep It Cleaner (KIC), sharing workouts and meal ideas with scrollers and double-tappers alike. And if you choose to actually subscribe to the KIC program (it's only $19.95 a month, by the way), you are basically equipped with a complete meal and workout regime guaranteed to have you feeling fit, healthy, and at the top of your workout game (and who doesn't want that). 

Of course, because the pair are also hugely successful models, a crazy work schedule jam-packed with travel, fancy lunches, and 12-hour days are all part of the gig, so it was only natural that we asked them to share their best health and fitness advice that's actually achievable.

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What Do You Typically Eat in a Day?

Steph Claire Smith: I’ll have a green peanut butter and banana smoothie for brekkie, and an English breakfast tea for caffeine.

Lunch is generally poached eggs with avocado, spinach, and gluten-free bread. Mid-afternoon, I like a KIC Bliss Ball (available in selected Cole's supermarkets) for something sweet. As for dinner, it’s always different—typically anything with meat and vegetables. All of my favorite dinners are in the KIC program, like the Surf n Turf Salad, or Baked Sticky Chicken with Greens.

For dessert, I’ll have KIC Radical Rocky Road, or frozen fruit and a peppermint tea.

Laura Henshaw: I wake up around 6:30 a.m. and have an espresso before training. For breakfast, I’ll have the KIC Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie Bowl if I feel like something sweet. Otherwise, it’s two eggs with avocado, spinach, and cooked salmon.

I have lunch around 1:30 p.m., and it’s generally a big leafy salad with some lean protein (tuna is a good option if I’m on the go). I actually love the KIC Broccoli Caesar Salad right now. I dress my salads with coconut cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon juice. I usually have our KIC Lime and Ginger Kombucha with my lunch—it’s super refreshing and it’s amazing for our gut health.

In the afternoon, I always crave something sweet and so I always have our KIC Bliss Balls on hand. Dinner is usually based around a source of protein such as salmon, white fish, chicken, lamb, or beef and then I’ll roast some veggies and make a big side salad. I always crave something sweet after dinner and so I will have Greek yogurt and berries, or a few squares of dark choc with a peppermint tea—I find it really helps with digestion before bed.

How Do You Keep on Top of Your Fitness When You’re Traveling and Forced to Eat out a Lot?

Smith: I just plan ahead and choose the healthiest options when I can. I don’t get overly stressed about going a little off-track when I’m traveling because there’s no point. I always ask for my dressing to be on the side when I order a salad though, that would be my biggest tip! Don’t be scared to ask for menu changes.

Henshaw: If I’m eating out, I try to order grilled fish or chicken (as these dishes will usually be the healthiest option) and swap chips for salad and veggies. However, sometimes there will be no healthy option, and that’s fine too. It’s so important to have a balance and be able to enjoy food out with friends without worrying. It’s important to accept that we can’t always control what we eat. One unhealthy meal won’t ruin all your progress.

What Does Your Current Workout Routine Look Like?

Smith: My routine is based on the KIC workouts in our program, and is full of different types of exercise. I really like mixing it up—it’s the easiest way to stay motivated. I love boxing, HIIT training, and going on long walks.

Henshaw: I follow our KIC Program and do our interval running session a few extra times a week, as I’m training for a half marathon this year.

The KIC program looks like this:

Monday: Boxing

Tuesday: Intervals

Wednesday: HIIT

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: HIIT

Sunday: Endurance Run

(And one to two rest days per week minimum wherever I feel I need them).

What’s Your Go-To Workout Playlist?

Smith: Anything upbeat. My favorite song to run to would be Black Skinhead by Kanye West.

Henshaw: I love super intense music when I exercise to get me in the zone. A lot of our training is high-intensity training, so I like to make sure the beat of the music matches. The more intense the music, the faster I’ll go.

Have You Found a Magic Formula When It Comes to Weight Loss?

Smith and Henshaw: Yep. It’s all about balance, which is exactly what our KIC plan is based on. Nothing too strict, basically the 80:20 rule. Listen to your body and fuel it with the right things, and treat yourself the other 20 percent of the time with food that makes you happy. When it comes to exercise, find what works for your body and what you enjoy doing. A workout shouldn’t be punishment.

What Are Your Best Tips for Dealing With Cravings?

Smith and Henshaw: Find things that can replace those cravings! We have plenty of amazing treats on our KIC program. We love making clean rocky road, and chocolate chip cookies. 

What Other Wellness Practices or Rituals Do You Swear By?

Smith: I love going on long walks with my dog. Lately, I haven’t been going enough, and I’ve really noticed the difference in my mental state! It’s definitely my favorite way to shut off and I need to make more time for it.

Henshaw: My only ritual is to spend quality time with my family, friends, and my partner away from my phone. I always make sure I switch off a few hours before bed to be present and wind down after the day.

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