A Hormone Expert Says This Should Be the #1 Diet Ground Rule for Women

Updated 09/11/17
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It's impossible to keep track of every trend diet that comes our way. With opposing viewpoints advocating the cutting of this and the curbing of that, how is one to know what they really should be eliminating from their diets to stay on track for a healthy life? Women in particular have to be especially careful about what foods they allow into their system, as so much of what we eat has the power to influence our hormones. Because of this, hormone expert and author of The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, Aviva Romm, MD, spilled her suggestion for the best diet for women's health with MindBodyGreen.

While so many popular diets come with a laundry list of dos and don'ts, Romm's advice is much more straightforward. To begin with, her suggested diet comes down to one important ground rule: Keep blood sugar steady. As she explains in the article, when your blood sugar is plummeting constantly, it throws off all your hormones, which can cause greater problems down the line.

Her other recommendations include a diet rich in whole foods, eight to 10 serving of daily vegetables, and good quality fats. Unlike most other diets making the news, Romm's eating plan doesn't advocate for any restrictions besides what's medically necessary.

"Good carbs are good for most women," she notes. "Eating some good healthy carbs three hours before bed levels out your evening cortisol, keeps your weight healthier, and helps you not have cravings the next day."

Guess what? "Hunger hormones" are a thing, and yes, you can control them.

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