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static nails review

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Perfectly manicured nails are hard to come by if you can't make it to the nail salon, and for many, attempting to do at-home manicures can be frustrating if you're not sure where to begin (or don't have the steadiest hand when it comes to applying nail polish). While press-on nails might seem like an ancient trend of the past, they've undergone a massive improvement over the years that might have you re-thinking your expensive manicure habit altogether. Ahead—I tried Static's press-on nails and the results are absolutely worth reading about.

Static Nails


BEST FOR: Adding length, shape, and color to short nails

PRICE: $14-$16 for most sets

ABOUT THE BRAND: Static Nails is best-known for its reusable "pop-on" (press-on)" nail sets, which come in a variety of chic shapes, colors, and patterns—from almond-shaped tortoise shell to squoval reds. The brand also makes a line of long-lasting polishes called Liquid Glass Lacquer.

What Are Static Nails?

Static Nails are durable press-on nails that aim to give you the perfect manicure instantly, for a fraction of the cost and time it takes in the salon. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, colors, and patterns so that you can create almost any look. There's aren't your mother's press-on nails; Static Nails come in chic iterations like bold reds, leopard print, tortoise shell, modern French, muted taupes, and more.

How Do They Work?

You apply each fake Static nail individually using a durable nail glue (which comes in the kit), and each nail set can be removed, reapplied, and filed to your liking (so if the set feels a bit long, you can simply clip and file them down). Each kit comes with 24 nails resulting in 12 shapes for each hand to ensure that you can get the right fit, and the price is under $20 making them a really affordable option. Seeing as nail shapes and sizes vary, you can always send a photo of your nails to customer service for an analysis of which set will fit you best.

static nails
Static Nails Sexy Red Round $14.00

The Benefits

  • Impossible to chip
  • Damage-free application
  • No acetone required for removal
  • Customizable shape and length
  • Reusable

The Drawbacks

  • Manicure lasts a week before nails start popping off (though they're reusable, so you can glue them back on)
  • Nail sizes weren't a perfect fit for my nails (some were too wide)

How To Apply Static Nails

I found the application process to be quite simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, you are using nail glue and want to make sure you are applying it on a flat surface with cloth underneath to not damage any furniture. It's also important to not squeeze the tube too hard so excess glue doesn't come out resulting in a sticky mess. Below I've listed the steps on how to apply your pop-on manicure:

Static Nails
 Ashley Rebecca

Included in the Kit:

  • 24 individual Static Nails in a variety of sizes
  • Non-damaging nail glue
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer

Step One: Prep Your Natural Nails

First off, you're going to want to file and buff your natural nails to make sure they are clean of any previous polish. It's also important to remove any kind of oil on the nails as well and you can simply do this by using acetone. There's a file conveniently located in the kit in case you don't have one which also acts as a buffing tool for your nails.

Step Two: Choose Your Size

You're going to want to test out the sizing of the nails next and can easily do this by placing each pop-on nail on your natural nail to see which size will fit each one best. After you've chosen all the nails you'll need for each hand, line them up in order so you don't get confused about which ones go where. Once you've sorted out your sizing, you'll be ready to move on to gluing the nails in place.

Step Three: Add Nail Glue

Depending on how long you want to wear the nails will determine how much glue you use when applying. If you want your nails to last 1-2 days you'll need to apply a thin strip of glue from your cuticle to the tip of each nail. For 5-7 days apply a pea-sized amount of glue to the nail and be careful to not get it too close to the skin. If you're wanting your nails to last 7-14 days, apply glue to your natural nail and let it dry just a few seconds and apply some glue to the back of the static nail as well. No matter how long you want your nails to last, you'll need to press on each one and apply pressure for 20-30 seconds to ensure the glue is given enough time to adhere.

I wanted my nails to last at least 7 days so I followed the rule of applying glue to my natural nail and to the back of the static nails. The kit that I received had a longer nail shape than I am used to wearing, so this is how they looked when they were first applied (before shaping in the next step):

static nails
 Ashley Rebecca

Step Four: Shape and File to Your Desired Length

After you've applied the nails and the glue has dried, you can shape and file them to your liking. I don't wear my natural nails long and use my hands a lot for work and typing, so I wanted to trim the nails down to be much shorter and more natural-looking. They are very easy to cut and file and have a lovely buttery texture that can be shaped without ruining the nail. I was relieved that I was able to cut them and didn't run into any issues whatsoever, as the initial length was too long to type with. Once I cut them, I was able to do all the normal things I do in a day and the nails stayed on very well. Below, you can see a photo of my nails after they were shaped to my preference.

The Feel: Comfortable, but not perfect

I wish that each shape fit my nails perfectly, but some were slightly larger than my natural nails, but it's hard to tell if you're not specifically looking for that. The next time I purchase a set, I will send photos of my nails to see if I can get any feedback on a more accurate shape.

static nails
 Ashley Rebecca

The Results: Chic and durable

I was seriously impressed with the strength of these nails and how natural they looked. I wore them for a total of 10 days, and a few of them popped off during this time, but I was able to re-apply them easily and just added some extra glue to ensure they stayed in place.The nails never felt like they were in the way, and I also loved the fact that the color doesn't chip at all which is a huge issue whenever I get a manicure or do my own polish. For the cost and how long the nails last along with being reusable, I absolutely believe they are worth the cost (which is under $20 for most sets).

The Value: Professional look for under $20

For the cost and how long the nails last along with being reusable, I absolutely believe they are worth the cost (which is under $20 for most sets).

Removing Static Nails

After reading the directions on how to remove the nails, I soaked them in the hottest water that I could stand alternating each hand and gently lifted each side of the nail until they popped off. The longer you wear the nails, the easier it is to remove them, especially if you've applied the right amount of glue. I liked the fact that I didn't need to use any kind of foil or acetone that you would when removing gel nails, the whole process was seriously effortless.

The Verdict: Consider me a press-on convert

If you want a perfectly polished manicure that's easy to do yourself, these nails are worth every penny. The durability, range of colors, and the fact they are incredibly easy to shape make them an amazing alternative to trying to paint your nails yourself or spending extra money at the nail salon each week.

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