15 Hairstyles to Show off Your Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are big news—about as big as, well, they are. Not only were they spotted on the Versace and Dolce and Gabbana catwalks this season, but they're all over Instagram too. Investing in a knockout pair of ear adornments is just good sense since, like a swipe of red lipstick, the right pair of earrings can make you look polished, without very much effort at all.

The thing is, though, whether you choose a chandelier style, an oversized tassel or something altogether more architectural, the question is how on earth do you wear your hair? There's little point in weighing down your ears with some hefty gems or a mega ear cuff, just to let your hair hang like a curtain over them. And on the flip side, some days you don't just want to fall back into simple topknot territory. No, you want a hairstyle that frames your earrings in the best possible way.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with hair tucked behind ear
Courtesy of Redken

We're not the only ones pondering the question. In fact, having also spotted the trend, Redken has just launched a whole new blow dry menu set to provide answers. Ear Candy features a line up of four seminal, catwalk-inspired but fundamentally wearable hairstyles to show off your statement earrings. The service starts at £35, and is currently only available at Lockonego in Chelsea, London although the brand is hoping for a nationwide rollout in due course—watch this space. Let's take a look at some of the best hairstyles to show off your new statement pieces.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with side swept hair
Courtesy of Redken

The Supermodel Sweep

The first of Redken's new looks, the Supermodel Sweep is all about volume—but sweeping it all to one side, with a deep side parting makes way for your fancy earrings too.

statement earrings hairstyles: Katy Perry with messy bun
Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock

The Laidback Updo

A chignon with a wispy texture is a great way to show off an elaborate ear cuff like Katy Perry's. Re-create the texture by working V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder (£2) through the roots and mid-lengths before pinning up.

statement earrings hairstyles: Kerry Washington with low side parting
Rob Latour/REX Shutterstock

The Soft Side Part

A sleek glossy side part works to show off a chandelier earring, especially if you tuck the low side behind your ear like Kerry Washington. 

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with curly hair

The Natural Curls

At Emilio Pucci, natural curls were defined before a pair of curly statement earrings finished off the look. Work a little Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream (£24) through damp hair.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with hair tucked behind ear
Courtesy of Redken

The Sideshow Bob

The affectionately named Sideshow Bob has got to be our favorite of all the Redken Ear Candy looks. All it requires is simply separating the hair at the ear, tucking half behind and pulling the rest out in front. It looks great with a slicked bob but would work equally as well with any other hair texture or length.

statement earrings hairstyles: Gwyneth Paltrow with centre parting
Broadimage/REX Shutterstock

The Centre Part

Alternatively, make like Gwyneth and opt for a center parting and tuck both sides behind your ears to let your earrings do all the talking.

statement earrings hairstyles: Ashely Olsen with centre parted ponytail
Matteo Prandoni/BFA.com/REX Shutterstock

The Parted Ponytail

Ashley Olsen takes it one step further than Gwyneth and pulls her hair back into a sleek ponytail which works especially well with the black blazer. To create that sleek, high-shine finish with Paul Mitchell Firm Style Shine and Freeze Super Spray (£21).

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with marcel wave hair

The Oversize Marcel Wave

For a look that screams retro, channel Marni's decade clash with a '20s Marcel wave (made modern by wearing it oversized) and '60s lashes. Choose architectural-style resin earrings for this look.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with french plait and top knot
Courtesy of Redken

The Heatwave Braided Bun

Want to ramp up your top knot? Add a thick braid from the nape of the neck and tie the end into the bun.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with sleek side parted hair
Broadimage/REX Shutterstock

The Sleek Side Part

The pretty pale jade green earrings soften the overall look of Lily's severe side parting. The dark berry lip is the icing on the cake. Get the look with Topshop Lips (£8) in Inhibition.

statement earrings hairstyles: Miranda Kerr with tight top knot
Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock

The Topknot

Miranda Kerr shows how a simple topknot can be elevated from off-duty hairstyle to party-appropriate with the addition of a pair of statement earrings.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with loose ponytail

The Wispy Centre Part

At the Oscar de la Renta show, freshly washed hair was pulled into a low ponytail for a super-wearable way to show off statement earrings.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with slicked back hair
Courtesy of Redken

The Summer Slick

Where once we all shied away from hair gel, it's finally coming back to the fore, mainly as it's the best thing to create a chic slicked back style like this one from Redken's Ear Candy menu. We've got more wet-look hair inspiration over here, too.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with ribbon ponytail

The Ribbon-Adorned Ponytail

Who says you can't double up on accessories? Here the black ribbon and the black earrings work with—rather than against—each other.

statement earrings hairstyles: Stella McCartney with plaited side part
Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock

The Braided Side Part

Stella McCartney proves that both hair and earring can be elaborate. Of course, re-creating this look is dependent on your braiding skills.

statement earrings hairstyles: Reese Witherspoon with half up do
Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock

The Half Updo

Reese keeps her hair sleek and simple to show off her earrings. A little volume at the top and movement at the sides keeps this hairstyle super flattering.

statement earrings hairstyles: woman with crown and earrings

The It's-Not-About-The-Hair Look

And finally, want to go all out? Dolce & Gabbana show that if you want to be dripping in jewels—tiara, check, statement earrings, check, jeweled top, check—then why the heck not? Just keep your hair undone and au naturel.

Feeling inspired to wear your statement earrings tomorrow? We certainly don't blame you.

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