Starface's Black Star Pimple Patches Are the First Acne Patches to Walk the Runway

You can shop the highly-requested color today.

Model wearing Starface Black Star pimple patches as gloves


Spooky season is here, and beauty lovers are taking things to the dark side this month. Whether you’re jumping on the grunge makeup trend, opting for Elvira-chic hair, or are just saving every Halloween makeup look that pops up on your Instagram feed, it’s more likely than not that your general style is becoming darker, moodier, and edgier. Well, Starface is here to take those vibes up a notch with their latest creation, the Black Star hydroclloid pimple patch, launching October 12.

Model wearing Starface Black Star patches on their cheeks


Let’s get one thing straight—no matter how many acne bumps, texture, or scars you’re currently rocking on your face, there is no such thing as ‘bad skin’—in fact, up to 50 million Americans are affected annually by acne, meaning that its far more normal for you to have a pimple or two than an absolutely clear complexion. From the brand's start, Starface has celebrated the beauty and normalcy that comes along with acne. Rather than trying to hide scars and active acne with concealer or skin-like pimple patches, the brand created its patches in fun shapes and vibrant colors to prove that acne can be used as an accessory—they even call their products “expressive pimple protectors.”

Black Star is the latest permanent addition to Starface’s line of hydrocolloid pimple patches and comes in the highly-requested hue, black. If these look familiar to you, it might be because you were following New York Fashion Week closely—Starface partnered with makeup artist, Fara Homidi, who adorned model’s faces and bodies with Black Star at the Puppets and Puppets show, making it the first pimple patch to ever walk the runway.

Woman holding boxes of Starface pimple patches


Starface’s hydrocolloid pimple patches are typically placed haphazardly all over the face, wherever a person has a pimple they’d like to protect. The result is a festive constellation that is ever-changing as new bumps show up. At the show, Homidi instead created cohesive looks with Black Star, making marionette-esque tears with the patches, star-shaped dimples on the cheeks, and even arranging the stars along models’ arms to mimic opera gloves.

Model wearing black Starface pimple patches as gloves


Even if you don't regularly deal with acne, you can follow Homidi’s lead and wear Black Star as a finishing touch to your grunge makeup routine. If you do, however, have acne that you’d like to heal and protect, hydrocolloid patches contain two layers that speed up the healing process while protecting the area from aggravating elements—hydrocolloid patches have been used for decades to dress wounds, but lately, they’ve been shown to help heal acne without the need for popping, leading to less scarring and spread of bacteria.  

Model wearing Starface Blackstar patches


Rather than opting for a clinical-looking hydrocolloid patch of yesteryear, today you can purchase a 32-pack of Black Star for $13 on After all, the rest of your beauty and fashion look has crossed over to the dark side—why not bring your celebration of pimples over there, too?

Starface Black Star Pimple Patches
Starface Black Star Pimple Patches $13.00

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