Starbucks's New Fall Drink Is Here, and It Has a Secret Health Benefit


Christian Vierig/Getty

Oh, Starbucks, you are so many things—the purveyor of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the shining beacon of the afternoon pick-me-up. Of course, most sugary Starbucks drinks aren't exactly nutritionist-approved. But the brand's newest specialty drink is giving us a health-centric reason to stand by our coffee addiction (cue the squeals).

Introducing the Chile Mocha. The new beverage is made with milk-infused cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne chili pepper.

The star ingredient here is the cayenne pepper, which has long been lauded for its anti-inflammatory benefits. A key component is capsaicin, which is commonly used to fight inflammation associated with arthritis and psoriasis. Capsaicin is also a natural pain reliever and the namesake of the topical pain-relief cream Capzasin HP.

The list of cayenne pepper's health benefits goes on from here, including potent antioxidant properties; high levels of vitamins E, A, and K; cardiovascular benefits; and digestive aids.

Health benefits are nice, but the flavor alone is enough to convince us that the Chile Mocha is the new PSL. (Be mindful of the sugar content, though. This is still Starbucks, after all, and a Grande with almond milk has 26 grams of sugar.)

Make your own version of Starbucks's Chile Mocha with the ingredients below!

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