Trekkies Are Going to Freak Out Over MAC’s New Collection


Courtesy of MAC

Trekkies, rejoice! MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Star Trek to launch an exclusive 25-piece collection in September. There will be a presale July 21st at the MAC store in Gaslamp (San Diego), which coincides with Comic-Con (how fitting). [The Huffington Post]

Festival season is upon us, and Physique 57 has created a Coachella-inspired class to get you ready for all the desert activities. Four classes are available in Beverly Hills during the month of April. With a curated playlist by DJ Caroline D’Amore, this workout will make you break a sweat and get your crop top ready. [Physique57]

Jewelry for your thigh gap? Say it ain't so. Soo Kyung Bae created TGap, a company that sells accessories for your thigh gap… but there’s a catch. Although the website is fully functioning, you can’t actually buy the jewelry. The brand wants to highlight social media's influence on unrealistic body images. Well played, TGap. Well played. [SheFinds]

Make Up For Ever has teamed up with Charli XCX to launch a collection of 20 eyeliners in a variety of colors from classic to bold. The Aqua XL Eye Pencil is sweat- and water-resistant, but we’ll have to wait until May to get our hands on them (tear). [Allure]

We all know that concealer can mask any skincare issue, from pimples to dark under-eye circles. But it also has secret powers. For example, putting some on your eyebrows can make them appear less sparse. []

The key to staying healthy? Eat more carbs. A recent study tracked the health habits of 80,000 people in Japan for 15 years, and those who ate large amounts of grains and low amounts of fat had a lower risk of mortality. [PureWow]

Collagen is a protein in our bodies that starts to decline as we age, leading to sagging, wrinkled skin. Now there's a candy made with collagen that promises to plump your skin from the inside out. But does it really work? [The Huffington Post]

Brows are only getting thicker and bushier. Thus, it was only a matter of time until unibrows came in fashion. Yes, really. [InStyle]

We’ve all heard different rules when it comes to our diets. But can we trust them all? It turns out that there are some common health rules that don't need to be followed at all. [PureWow]

Speaking of health, here are five eating mistakes even healthy people make.