TikTok's Stardust Eyeliner Trend Has Us Ditching Our Basic Wings

So celestial.

Woman with star eyeliner


If you've already mastered your everyday winged liner or smokey eye, TikTok has you covered for your newest eye inspiration. Stardust liner is the latest trend perfect for a Friday night out, music festival, or even just channeling your love for all things astrology.

The viral look consists of stars blended across the corners and creases of the eyes, giving off an iridescent, intergalactic feel. Each artist uses the look to express their own style, so whether it’s in terms of shape, color, or placement, no two star eyes are alike.

Anya Tisdale, a multi-disciplinary artist, describes it as “an overload of shining stars.” Tisdale has been credited with inspiring many other creators’ star eyeshadow looks. “It’s just a fun and playful shape,” she tells Byrdie. “You can make them pointy, round, abstract, whatever you want.”

Whether you’re a makeup expert or just stepping into the beauty realm, here are some tips to keep in mind when crafting star-studded lids of your own.

Get inspired

Creativity is the biggest factor behind the trend, as each artist expresses an individualized look. The Euphoria-esque eye can be done with any color scheme—you can keep it lively with neon hues, or create shimmering stars with a smoked-out lid.

Choosing an outfit beforehand or listening to the mood you’re in can help inspire your final look. Alexis Ayochok, another makeup artist who has influenced many of the interpretations on TikTok, used black and silver for a sparkly eye when she first tried the trend. “I wanted to do a starry nighttime vibe, so I used metallics and decided to do a shooting star design around the eye,” explains Ayochok.

Create the shape

Ayochok starts the look by sketching the outline with an eye pencil. “Drawing with the pencil is my favorite part because it’s super satisfying,” she says. “Then once the star is complete, I use eye paints and shadows to carve out the actual shape.” Ayochok used the Danessa Myricks Colorfix Pigments ($18) and the Claropsyche Psyche Box palette ($45) to achieve the stellar look.

Mei Pang, a makeup artist and model, prefers using everyday items for her makeup creations. “I love using masking tape on the lids for this look because it forms the perfect star,” says Pang. “I also like to use household objects for my eyeliner shapes to show others how easy it is to emulate the design on their own.”

No matter how you create the stars, blending the edges will give them more of a dreamy, celestial look. Diffuse your eyeshadow with a brush on the edges and points of the star to soften sharp lines, and create an aura effect with the powder.

Make it your own

The beauty of this look is how much you can make it your own. “I love the star trend because it’s such a simple shape and I love watching everyone’s take and variation, it’s like a snowball effect,” says Pang. “You start out with one simple shape, and suddenly everyone has their own perception, it’s really beautiful to see.”

Aside from color, another way to individualize the design is by adding some sparkle to illuminate the cosmic glow. Rhinestones or highlighter is the perfect way to do so. Tisdale says she tops off the look with the Space Age Highlighter from Kaleidos ($36). “I add the highlighter all over the stars and my eyes to make them extra twinkly,” she explains.

“This is the most I’ve collaborated with other influencers, and it has helped me be more creative,” Tisdale adds. “I love seeing artists bounce off one another and it builds an amazing online community… and it all stemmed from a simple star shape.”

Make the star trend your own. Look at tonight’s sky (or your FYP) for tomorrow’s makeup inspiration.

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